The Five Best Series Finales of All-Time: One Good medical drama tops the list

PaleyFest LA 2024 - "Young Sheldon"
PaleyFest LA 2024 - "Young Sheldon" / Leon Bennett/GettyImages
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2: Young Sheldon - 2017-2024

Call it recency-biased, but this was one of the best series finales I have ever seen. It hit on all the notes, despite already knowing how the story ends due to its parent show The Big Bang Theory. This finale not only was a tear-jerker, but it left the audience wanting more, and as an added bonus fans of TBBT got to see Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons reprise their roles as Amy and Sheldon for what will likely be one final time.

The final 30-minute episode of Young Sheldon featured both present-day Amy and Sheldon as he was writing his memoir. Sheldon was recounting the aftermath of when his father George Cooper Sr suddenly passed when Sheldon was just 11 years old.

Although not an official three-part episode the final three episodes of the series could have easily been an hour and half special, rather than three standalone episodes. During the last episode one of my favorite parts was an ode to the pilot where Sheldon tells his mom Mary he believes in her, the two clips were even shared on the show's official Instagram page.