The Five Best Series Finales of All-Time: One Good medical drama tops the list

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3: Breaking Bad - 2008-2013

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will both forever be enshrined in pop culture for their iconic roles as Walter White and Jessie Pinkman. Much like our series finale that took the top spot on this list, Breaking Bad ended with no questions, every storyline was given a conclusive ending.

It is one thing to wrap up every storyline, it is quite another to do it in such a cinematically beautiful way as the writers on Breaking Bad did. 

One of the most striking scenes in the series finale was when Mr. White made his way back to his estranged wife Skylar and finally admitted he did everything for himself because he enjoyed it. He also gave her the coordinates to where not one, but two DEA agents were buried, so she could make a deal with the DA as they were trying to prosecute her for involvement in her partner's crimes.

Then, in the series end scene where White lays on the ground bleeding out after finishing up some unfinished business, the song Baby Blue by Badfinger begins to play, it was truly the chef's kiss.

Technically this finale was not the end of the Breaking Bad universe, as fans got the prequel series Better Call Saul and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie a Netflix-exclusive movie starring Aaron Paul. The movie was bad, it was really bad and some fans would probably like to forget it exists.