Paris Hilton and Meghan Trainor team up for new song "Chasin"

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton / Dominik Bindl/GettyImages

The famous personality with multifaceted accomplishments as a socialite, DJ, and entrepreneur Paris Hilton unveils her new single which is entitled “Chasin." This smashing new track will feature Meghan Trainor and is all set to hit the charts on July 26th. Hilton, then took to social media to break the news to her fans saying, “Mothers are mothering 🤣✨ We are so excited to share our new song #Chasin’, dropping July 26th 💕 Pre-save at the link in bio 🌟 #InfiniteIcon✨🚶‍♀️💖.

Meghan Trainor and Paris Hilton are set to create magic together. The track that will feature both artists in one song. This could be a huge hit for Paris Hilton who has a knack for creating tunes with terrific lyrics coupled with Meghan Trainor who is a fabulous singer and songwriter. Thus, the song “Chasin’” is expected with great interest from fans.

Paris Hilton and pop culture have gone hand in hand including when she decided to take up music. It was a momentous event. Apart from her singing career, Hilton who released such songs as “Stars Are Blind” and “Nothing in This World” has gone on to charm audiences. Meghan Trainor, on the other hand, is a new face to the industry in comparison to Hilton though she has entered with chart toppers like “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin. ” The collaboration of these two talented artists promises a unique but still good song.

Hilton also used hashtags #InfiniteIcon and #Chasin’ in the announcement which also showed the fun-spirited component of the song. Fans can follow the link provided within her bio as it will be available to use when pre-saving the track for those who want to enjoy the new song.

There is anticipation that builds up as the date of the release draws closer. “Chasin'” is a track that is going to be quite memorable, which will both encapsulate the development and forward thinking that both Paris Hilton and Meghan Trainor possess. Don’t forget to save the date to witness the splendid performance of this duo.

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