Let's rank these Track 4 Taylor Swift songs for 4th of July

Time to look back at Miss Americana's Track 4 picks for the 4th of July 2024.
The Final Night Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Los Angeles, CA
The Final Night Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Los Angeles, CA / Kevin Winter/TAS23/GettyImages

There is truly no one America is talking about more than Taylor Swift. That's saying something considering Swift is currently performing abroad at the moment.

Whether it's her relationship with Travis Kelce, The Tortured Poets Department, or discussions about The Eras Tour, Swift is at the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist. That's why I wanted to make sure I showed her some love on the 4th of July.

As someone who recently visited Nashville, I related to how Taylor Swift must have felt when she was traveling there. It was my first time and I was full of giddy excitement but also nervous energy, making the trip all the more fun.

Ultimately getting to visit Nashville, go to a record shop with a Taylor Swift section, and even, getting a Taylor-themed shirt at the airport, I knew I had to show my girl some love.

Let's rank Taylor Swift's Track 4 songs for the 4th of July 2024.

As with all of these lists, this is just my opinion, and considering how much people talk about Taylor's Track 5 picks, this feels even more difficult. With that being said, let's get to ranking.

11. "Snow on the Beach" (Midnights)

I can already feel Swifties ready to come for my head with this pick. However, upon listening to Midnights and enjoying the album as a whole, I don't like this song. I feel like it's just too different from the rest of the album and it's always been a skip for me. Plus there's the fact that we hardly hear any Lana Del Rey which is sad because these two would sound beautiful together. Either way, I don't absolutely hate this song but it's definitely at the bottom of my list for Track 4 from Taylor Swift.

10. "Speak Now" (Speak Now)

Once again, I feel like everyone is probably wondering about where my head is and that's fair. Even so, the next song is "Speak Now" which is obviously the titular track. With that being said, I do feel like there are better songs than this one ahead. Even so, it can see why Taylor chose to make it the titular track and why it's one we all still sing and dance along to all these years later.

9. "I Knew You Were Trouble" (Red)

I feel like I get more justified as I move higher in this list, but in my #9 spot is "I Knew You Were Trouble" from Red. While I don't like to compare the new versions to the stolen versions, I feel like Taylor's Version of "I Knew You Were Trouble" is just so much cleaner. As good as it is and how much fun it is to sing and dance to, it's not even close to being the best song on Red or of the other songs she's picked to be Track 4's. Either way, it's still a good one so I couldn't put it too low.

8. "Hey Stephen" (Fearless)

Raise your hand if you heard this song as a teenager and were obsessed. Okay, it's just me but when Fearless first came out, I absolutely fell in love with this song. Due to my impartial bias, it might be a little higher than others would rank it. Either way, it's such a fun and cute song about wanting to be with someone and pining for them. This is another one where I want to sing, dance, and jump around which is something you can't always do to Taylor's songs so this one always has a special place in my heart.

Taylor Swift
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7. "A Place in This World" (Taylor Swift)

As far as Taylor Swift albums go, Taylor Swift is incredibly divisive as some were introduced to her via this album and others are just now listening to it. Given how important her debut was and still is, I had to include "A Place in This World" at #7. It's a cute song about growing up, finding your place and just enjoying the things you have. Sometimes, I feel like a lot of us need that reminder, and hearing her adorable little country accent makes it all the better. Of course, I'm even more excited to be able to hear a more mature Swift take on this song. Either way, this is another one I listened to over and over when the album was first released so I couldn't put it too low.

6. "The Man" (Lover)

In the #6 spot, I put "The Man" which is from Lover. As far as Taylor Swift songs go, this is another one I love to sing, dance, and jump around to. Basically an answer to all her critics, this song feels like it got a new life on The Eras Tour due to Taylor's amazing outfit, her dancers and her having as much fun as she does singing it. I don't know about you, but I don't remember this song getting nearly as much love when Lover was first released. Even so, I decided to put it #6 as it's not an absolute favorite but it's one I always play.

5. "Out of The Woods" (1989)

I feel like "Out of the Woods" is one of those songs that makes you feel one of two ways. You either think about what could have been and analyze the lyrics or you want to jump and scream the lyrics even if you don't relate. Between those two, I'm definitely the latter and honestly, it makes me enjoy the song all the more. Plus there's just something amazing about the imagery Taylor invokes in this song and I'm surprised she doesn't perform this one during her Eras Tour set. Even so, there was no way I could put this one any lower.

4. "Exile" featuring Bon Iver (Folklore)

Normally I wouldn't put a song that doesn't feature Taylor completely so high on the list, but there is something about "Exile" that takes my breath away. Before I heard it all the time at my job, I mostly ignored this song. However upon hearing it and then listening to it at home, I ended up falling in love with it. It's such a sad and melancholic song but coupled with Bon Iver's vocals, this song just goes to another level. It's utterly gorgeous and one I can't believe I slept on for so long.

Taylor Swift
Night Two Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - London, UK / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

3. "Down Bad" (The Tortured Poets Department)

This is where some might disagree with me, but "Down Bad" feels like a grown-up version of the teenage angst we first got from Taylor Swift. This time though, Taylor is reeling after a devastating breakup and she's down bad which is a nice way of saying depressed. With the amazing visuals and Taylor's dynamic performance of this one, I feel like "Down Bad" is getting so much love from fans and non-fans alike. Plus it has the uncanny ability to be one you want to dance to while hearing the lyrics and thinking huh? Honestly, this song is so great and is easily one of my favorites from TTPD.

2. "Tis the Damn Season" (Evermore)

This is where things got really tricky as "Tis the Damn Season" is easily one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs of all time. I don't know if it's the winter imagery or the soft way she's talking to her former lover but I adore this song. It's always been my favorite from Evermore and as an Evermore girl, that's a huge compliment. "Tis the Damn Season" is just so damn good as she paints such a vivid picture, talks candidly to her former lover, and almost seems like a teenager still pining. I mean that in the best way as only Taylor can pull that off. No matter how you feel about Evermore, "Tis the Damn Season" is a damn good song from Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Lyon, France / John Shearer/TAS24/GettyImages

1. "Don't Blame Me" (Reputation)

Moving onto the song at my top spot, it had to be "Don't Blame Me." While this isn't everyone's favorite song from Reputation, I think the Eras Tour made fans appreciate it all the more. This song is about Taylor's love life especially when it comes to the media. It's all about not blaming her that she ended up meeting a great guy and she wants to write songs about him. Frankly, I think Taylor's vocals are out of the world on this song and I truly cannot wait for her to re-record this one as I'm sure it's going to be even bigger and better. Until then, we can relive her amazing performance in Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

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