Jessica Audiffred Discusses Dubstep And The EDC Las Vegas Festival

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Jessica Audiffred is ready for the EDC Las Vegas Festival and even more excited to bring her music to her excited and devoted fans. But what are Jessica Audiffred's biggest musical inspirations? Dubstep has grown a lot over the years, and Jessica Audiffred is a performer who can speak to keeping her sets exciting, new, and thrilling for fans. Music is an undeniable language spoken by millions of people, and Jessica Audiffred not only loves to participate in the festival and concert experience that gives her fans an amazing time, but she successfully works toward putting on a show that she can enjoy with her fans.

Culturess: What excites you the most about performing?

Jessica Audiffred: Connecting with the audience, sharing my love for music with and living our best lives together. It is such a thrill to be up on stage and I appreciate everyone for showing up to my sets.

Culturess: Where does your music inspiration come from?

Jessica Audiffred: So many sounds. Rock & Metal. Trance and Techno. Rap and Pop. I try to bring my diverse taste of music into my art.

Culturess: What drew you to wanting to perform at the EDC Las Vegas Festival?

Jessica Audiffred: I look forward to EDCLV every year. It's such a moment in the scene. It feels like a holiday. I remember my first set at EDCLV, it was years ago before the pandemic. I played the Insomniac Records side stage and actually met my agent that night. Big things happen at EDC!

Culturess: How would you describe the growth of Dubstep as a music genre?

Jessica Audiffred: It's grown so much over the last 10+ years and so many artists have carved their own sound within the genre. The scene feels so alive and the fans are so die hard.

Culturess: You also act as a music instructor. How do you go about teaching?

Jessica Audiffred: I was teaching production courses in Mexico when I had more time. Before the heavy touring and release schedule. I used to put up the occasional tutorial online as well but I haven't in a while. Maybe it's time for some new ones!

Culturess: How have you pushed yourself as an artist since you began your journey?

Jessica Audiffred: I've been pushing myself to manage the demands. Between touring and making music and everything in between it's been very important to stay fit, healthy and focused. Then everything else just kind of falls into place.

Culturess: How do you keep the crowd excited and engaged during your sets?

Jessica Audiffred: I like to play a lot of edits and doubles and make my own versions of songs that I like. I also re edit my own songs to create some surprising moments. It's really important to be one with the crowd and enjoy the set with them.

Culturess: What is your favorite part about making music?

Jessica Audiffred: Being able to escape and imagine what effect the song will have once played. That is always very special to me. As I start to build a song my excitement around it grows and I can't wait to share it with everyone.

Culturess: What would be a dream musical collaboration for you?

Jessica Audiffred: I have done some of my dream collaborations already but I would love to do more with Illenium, Slander, and Crankdat. So many amazing producers in the scene.

Culturess: When you are not performing, which other artists are you excited about seeing at the EDC Las Vegas Festival?

Jessica Audiffred: So many to name. You'll find me on a lot of side stages supporting everyone from Bass to Trance and Techno. EDC is the best place for that!

Fans can catch Jessica Audiffred's songs on Spotify.

EDC Las Vegas Festival Image. Image Credit to Design Contractors (Insomniac) /

The EDC Las Vegas Festival occurs from Friday, May 17th to Sunday, May 19th, 2024, and features the biggest electronic music artists. They will be taking the stage at the Las Vegas Moto Speedway daily beginning at 6:45 PM PT / 9:45 PM ET. If you can't make the festival in person, then you can check out the live broadcast on Insomniac TV and YouTube each day of the festival. Each day will have its own feed and can be found for free If you would rather listen to the music than watch the show, EDC will be broadcasting the performance on Insomniac Radio from the Insomniac app on May 17th (4:30 PM - 5:30 AM PT) and May 18th and May 19th (7:00 PM - 5:30 AM PT)

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