Why Taylor Swift's Era Tour Is Celebrated While The Jonas Brothers' The Tour Only Brings Confusion

2008 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet
2008 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

When Taylor Swift first officially announced The Eras Tour, it became an exciting and interesting culmination of seventeen years of music and ten albums. From Grammy wins to being declared "Artist of the Decade," Taylor Swift has created a legacy in her name.

Years of hard work paid off from beginning in country music, transitioning into pop, and then solidly crafting a body of work that weaves in and out of itself in ways where fans can catch references to her previous songs and moments in her life in the lyrics.

Each Taylor Swift era of music is representative of something, which is part of what makes it so exciting to see it all come together over the course of one showstopping performance. Taylor Swift goes above and beyond to acknowledge the tonal changes of the songs with sets, costumes, and choreography that allow the audience to truly be immersed in the storytelling of the music and recall the moments that had motivated such songs. If time has shown anything, it is the powerful connections that Taylor Swift has with her superfans.

The culmination and stage performance, along with acknowledgment of how far Taylor Swift has come over the years, including controversies and how she successfully showed the media that they could not bring her down and keep her there, have only shown a strength worth celebrating by those who have always been in her corner, or those who have grown to love what she brings to music.

However, in comparison, the Jonas Brothers attempting to re-create The Eras Tour with their own iteration, The Tour, is confusing for various reasons, even if they do put on a good show.

The Jonas Brothers had been at the height of their popularity in 2008, just before Justin Bieber and One Direction stepped in to steal the hearts of tween and teenage girls everywhere. But, for a while, it seemed that the Jonas Brothers were the next big thing, and they were, for a few years.

Their hiatus in 2010 that eventually became a permanent split in 2013 led to the trio going their own ways professionally. But, in 2019, their reunion as a band brought back nostalgic excitement.

"Happiness Begins" felt like a more mature portrayal of the pop rock that the Jonas Brothers had released during their Disney and Hollywood Records years. Meanwhile, The Album sounded like it was aiming for a completely different sound, and not everyone could get behind the Jonas Brothers' potential plan to prove they were more than that teen boy band from over a decade ago.

One of the biggest differences in Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers' stamp on music comes from trajectory. In their final years as a band, the Jonas Brothers' popularity was deflating. With new and upcoming artists appearing, people were beginning to move on. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift's popularity was growing over time as she became a much bigger media figure in the public eye.

The Jonas Brothers' The Tour is a culmination of five albums, but there are no strongly distinguishing factors that come from the earlier works that allow them to feel unique to each other. While there is a strong sense of nostalgia attached to the Jonas Brothers, their library of work is not one that constitutes an entire tour devoted to showing off their previous albums, especially as they are not strongly settled in a new sound yet that allows them to feel like they have touched on a new era of their career.

The Jonas Brothers could have thrown in some nostalgic songs just for fun during a show devoted to "The Album" rather than making an entire three-hour tour trying to highlight their entire career thus far, especially since they have only released two albums since their reunion, which does not seem like enough to articulate a tour of this magnitude.

Part of the reason why Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour works is because of the change in the albums and sound are noticeable, as her growth as an artist, along with how Taylor Swift has been re-releasing her older works to have full ownership over her music.

Professionally, Taylor Swift has been making moves for years that have been gaining the excitement and respect of fans. Thus, taking on The Eras Tour feels like an organic next move that celebrates her accomplishments as an artist and billionaire.

In comparison, while the Jonas Brothers have certainly had a successful career, perhaps an Eras-type tour like The Tour had not quite been earned yet.

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