Maybe Man Tour Concert Review: AJR creates an immersive experience with current tour

AJR Performs At Pechanga Arena
AJR Performs At Pechanga Arena / Daniel Knighton/GettyImages
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When AJR stopped in OKC and brought their Maybe Man Tour to the Paycom Center on May 4, 2024,
roughly 8.1k people were in attendance in the nearly sold-out crowd. It was the 20th stop on the band's 43-stop US tour. Dean Lewis opened and played roughly a 45-minute set and he surprised fans with both a Taylor Swift cover of "Cruel Summer" and a Goo Goo Dolls cover of "Iris," along with his biggest hits such as "How Do I Say Goodbye" and "Be Alright."

After a quick 30-minute set change and what felt like an endless wave that the crowd gladly kept going for an extended period, it was finally showtime. Before the band took the stage, the final song that played over the PA was "Swimming Pools" by Kendrick Lamar. This is somewhat of an easter egg, as the song is referenced on a song on the trio's tracks on their latest record Maybe Man.

AJR Maybe Man Tour Setlist:

  • "Maybe Man"
  • "Sober Up"
  • "Yes, I'm a Mess"
  • "I Won't/Birthday Party Mashup"
  • "The DJ is Crying for Help"
  • "God is Really Real"
  • "The Good Part"
  • "Bang!"
  • "Inertia"
  • "Touchy Feely Fool"
  • "Karma"
  • "Turning Out Trilogy"
  • "World's Smallest Violin"
  • "Steve's Going to London"
  • "Burn the House Down"
  • "Way Less Sad"
  • "Don't Throw Out My Legos"
  • "Weak/Jack's Speech/2085"

This was an excellent setlist that flowed well and allowed for time for the band to point people out in the crowd which has become a staple at AJR concerts. Prior to the tour kicking off, Culturess attempted to predict the setlist, you can check out what songs we got right here.