Britney Spears' 2002 film Crossroads will be available on Netflix in February

Britney Spears' coming-of-age 2002 movie, Crossroads, will makes its new home on Netflix, as it enters streaming for the first time.
Britney Spears
Britney Spears / Carlos Alvarez/GettyImages

Crossroads, the 2002 commercial success drama starring Britney Spears, will drive to the streamer Netflix in February. Exactly two years after its theatrical release, Crossroads will be included in the extensive movie catalog on February 15th. The acquisition will be the film's first time to be available for streaming.

Netflix announced the exciting news across their social media platforms on Monday, January 22nd. Soon enough, Britney fans and those thirsty to revisit their Y2K selves will be reunited with the film. Whether you're an older Millennial who experienced Britney's step into stardom in the late 90s or a Gen Z who discovered her during her second successful wave in the early 2010s, Crossroads will have something for all to enjoy.

Per their official statement, Netflix quoted the following:

"The first movie to ever star the one and only Britney Spears has never been available on streaming...but that's about to change!" revealed Netflix.

"We're thrilled to announce that Crossroads will finally be available on Netflix--GLOBALLY--starting February 15."

During Crossroads' initial release, Britney was at the peak of her music career. She had three multi-platinum albums under her belt, including her 2001 release, "Britney," which features a few tracks in the film's soundtrack. The hit "I'm Not A Girl, Not A Woman" became the anthem for many young women. The film itself established a cult following, cementing itself as a pop culture icon of the 2000s.

In October, Crossroads had a limited two-date theater release following the drop of Britney's memoir, The Woman In Me. The book tells how the pop singer rose to fame, had a tumultuous family life, her highly publicized thirteen-year conservatorship, and finally found her peace. The Woman In Me became a bestseller within days.

Hit the road for the first time, or again, when Crossroads makes its Netflix destination on February 15th.

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