Bluey will return this summer with minisodes on Disney

Bluey will be dedicating the summer with new adventures!
Bluey Minisodes
Bluey Minisodes /

Bluey and her lovable family have been dropping new content for the past month with "The Sign" and Surprise!," which proved to be ratings successes for Disney and Ludo Studios respectively. "The Sign" brought in 10.4 million viewers on its April 14th premiere date, and "Surprise!" brought in similar numbers. The launch of the two installments made fans concerned about whether that'll be the last time they'll see the Blue Heller pup.

"The Sign" and "Surprise!" unwrapped significant changes for the Heeler family, with the latter giving a grown-up version of Bluey with a mischievous child of her own. Both episodes felt like series finales, so it's understandable why fans are nervous about their cancellation. It's not every day you get a creative show that both children and adults can relate to and love.

But we can cast our worries away because Bluey will be back sooner than we know!

Disney and Ludo Studios are releasing a hefty batch of Bluey minisodes this summer. Twenty to be exact. While we don't know the episodes' material or how many of our favorite characters will appear, it's guaranteed that there'll be plenty of imaginative play and adorable moments the show is known for. Another thing we know about the minisodes is that they'll have a runtime of one to three minutes, significantly shorter than the average Bluey episode, which runs seven to eight minutes, with the exception of "The Sign," which had an airtime of twenty-eight minutes. To date, it's the longest Bluey episode.

Per a press release from Disney and attained by Culturess, creator Joe Brumm elaborated on the minisodes and what to expect.

" The “Bluey Minisodes” highlight funny and sweet moments featuring Bluey and Bingo, leaning into playful interactions and games that further explore the characters and world of “Bluey.”"

When to expect the Bluey minisodes to drop

The twenty Bluey minisodes will launch on Disney+ and ABC (Australia)'s site, as well as Disney Jr. and Disney TV channels in July. It hasn't been confirmed whether the minisodes will drop all at once or stretch out weekly, with the "finale" airing sometime in November.

But if the minisodes were to be released on the streamer in numbered batches like the episodes, then we could see the first half in July and the second in the following month.

In the meantime, you could catch up on all 152 episodes of Bluey on Disney+!

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