Bluey: The Sign is filled with emotional heart and warmth

In the third season finale of Bluey, titled The Sign, the Heeler family learn a thing or two regarding change.
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio.
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio. /

Bluey is literally the heart of all things childhood. It appeals to people of all ages. From the children in their childhoods, parents reliving theirs through their children, and the adults who are a child at heart. Whatever our reasons, the delightful Australian series creates a feel-good aura, especially after we had a stressful day, and turning to Bluey eases it.

On April 14th, Bluey dropped its third season finale, "The Sign" on Disney+ and Disney Junior respectively. In the 28-minute episode--the longest of all Bluey episodes--Bluey and her family attend the wedding of dad Bandit's (Dave McCormack) older brother Radley (Patrick Brammall) to Frisky (Claudia O'Doherty). Although it's a happy occasion, the Heelers face some "for real"-life challenges that may alter their family's course.

Bluey: The Sign review

The wedding is the family event of the year, and Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, and their paternal cousins, Muffin and Socks, are flower girls. It's a big job for them to do, but nonetheless, they're excited to be included. Plus, they got to wear flower crowns, making it much cuter.

However, two more significant issues shadow the wedding. The Heeler family is moving due to Bandit's more lucrative job offer in another city. The move means that the Heeler Queenslander house, with its stained-glass window and multiple verandahs, must be sold. Understandably, Bluey is heartbroken about it, as she'll have to leave the only life she's known and her friends behind. On the other hand, Bingo is unperturbed about the house sale but later finds out what it truly means.

In Calypso's (Meg Washington) class, Bluey tells her friends that she's moving and will never see her friends again. The pups are saddened by the news, and they participate in a group hug. Yet, true words come from Calypso's lesson of fairytales and how they veil reality's challenges, but things have a way of working out.

All four Heeler girls don't want to be separated as they're incredibly close. In a true Muffin moment, she suggests that the "For Sale" sign standing in the front of the house is why it's getting sold. Together, they come up with a solution to remove it, believing that it'll stop the sale.

In response to this act, I love how the girls' innocence comes into full play, as many children have similar brain waves regarding hardcore situations. As adults, we must carefully consider each solution to a problem because it will impact our lives and families. The handling of adulting is most likely why we reflect on our own childhood, as it didn't have as many issues and worries, just wholesome imagination and play.

Bluey The Sign review
Bluey Season 3 Episode: The Sign Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio. /

Now, for the adult scenarios. Frisky finds out that her fiancé has been making plans for their future and angrily calls off the wedding. Chilli (Melanie Zenatti) and the girls embark on a journey to frisk Frisky. After a few mishaps, plus an adorable bathroom request from Socks, the girls find Frisky at The Look Out, where she and Chilli socialized when they were teenagers.

Things worked out, after all, for the entire Heeler family. Frisky and Radley became husband and wife, but the house sale fell through because the buyers wanted a home with a swimming pool; Bluey, Blingo, Muffin, and Socks got to be the flower girls, dancing the night away, and the Heelers got to stay in their home.

I'd be lying to say it didn't make me an emotional mess, because it did, and my heart has never been happier about a show with dogs.

Some Bluey The Sign bonus bits

  • I love how the butterflies nonchalantly represented changes in the family.
  • The subtle adult jokes and real life material was everything, especially Stripe's post-wedding hangover.
  • Muffin completely acted like Muffin and it was pure.
  • Socks speaking in complete sentences was amazing for her character growth. I remember when she behaved like a "rambunctious" and nippy puppy. Look how far she come!
  • Chilli's sister Brandy is finally pregnant with a pup of her own. In Onesies, it's been clarified that she had fertility problems and couldn't get pregnant. Female red heelers are known for their breeding problems, but it does happen.
  • It's canonically confirmed that there's LGBTQ represention in Bluey. Pretzel, a classmate in Bluey's class revealed that he had two "mums." We need more representation such as this because LGBTQ people are people, or in this case dogs, and are important contributors to society.
  • The Sign unhatched numerous Easter Eggs to previous episodes, connecting the entire Bluey Universe.

Is The Sign the end of Bluey?

"The Sign" was the season three finale, and at 28 minutes, thrice as long as the average episode, fans wonder if it is the end. We hate to say goodbye to our favorites, as the Heelers and their community of well-rounded dos have taught us so much about life, parenting, and viewing the world through the eyes of a child. Bluey is the essence of innocence and fun while throwing in some innuendo adult references.

Sam Moor, one of the producers for Bluey, shared with the BBC outlet about the show's fate.

"No it is not the end for Bluey. I'm sure we have many more surprises in store for you. We have more in store and we are thinking what would be next.""

We'll be getting more adventures with the lovable blue puppy and her family. It's just a matter of when.

Bluey is streaming on Disney+.

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