Bluey pops in with Surprise! the episode following The Sign

It's not the end for Bluey, for the beloved show dropped another new episode after The Sign.
Bluey "Surprise"
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We're still laughing and tearing up about Bluey's "The Sign," as there were many wonderful elements. It's an episode filled with heart, family values, and the childhood realization of life changes that are met with challenges and happy endings. The chapter initially reflected the season 3 finale, leaving fans concerned whether it's truly the end for Bluey and her Brisbane-based family.

For a 28-minute fun-filled episode that placed all four Heeler girls in the spotlight, "The Sign" sure felt like it could've been the end, and my heart wasn't accepting it. I'm certainly positive that many others felt the same way.

But it's not the end of Bluey, as Ludo Studios and Disney surprised its growing and passionate fanbase with a brand new episode, "Surprise!" which dropped on Sunday, April 21st. "Surprise!" answered Bluey's curious question of what's to have children, finding out the answer when playing with her father Bandit in a rough game of Nerf Balls, and in a twist ending reveal, Bluey is all grown up (sobs) with a child of her own. So, she must've encountered a "surprise" or two when raising them.

Which got us all wondering, "Who's Bluey's husband or partner?"

As for Bingo in "Surprise!", she's very "hands-on" when raising her "children," which happens to be cup coolers with tennis balls. The ingenuity woven into Bluey's storylines is nothing short of remarkable, setting the audience up to become thinking machines and seeing life through a child's perspective. It's excellent that Bluey explores childhood realms while subduing adult references.

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Bluey: "The Sign" hits ratings high records

Bluey may be the favorite show among kids and their equally invested parents, but did you also know that it's also a favorite show of Nielsen? Per the Hollywood Reporter, "The Sign" took in an impressive "10.4 million views" when it premiered on Disney+ on April 17th, with the numbers "translating to 291.3 minutes across the globe."

Nielsen additionally charts Bluey at #4 in their Top 10, with close to 1,050 million minutes for the 150-episode count. On Disney+, the Australian family show is constantly on its trending list, with "The Sign" being the most popular to watch.

Will Bluey have a season 4?

With "The Sign" and "Surprise!" airing back-to-back and linking together, it could've wrapped up the series on a good note, a privilege most shows don't receive for their series finales unless it's articulately planned.

However, Bluey will return for a fourth season filled with surprises. Considering the fans' feedback, Creator Joe Brumm revealed to Deadline what the future might hold for the Blue Heeler puppy and her growing family.

"It would be fascinating — and we get a lot of requests to age the characters up,” he said. “It would completely change the show, but there would be something really sweet about bringing through the new younger characters and having Bluey and Bingo at that babysitting age. That would definitely make a bunch of fans very happy."

Both "The Sign" and "Surprise!" are streaming on Disney+ and ABC Kids in Australia.

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