All American Pronounces Jordan And Layla To Be Husband And Wife (But Did Spencer Steal The Show?)

All American -- “Victory Lap” -- Image Number: ALA613b_0020r -- Pictured (L-R): Daniel Ezra as Spencer James and Cody Christian as Asher Adams -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- © 2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- “Victory Lap” -- Image Number: ALA613b_0020r -- Pictured (L-R): Daniel Ezra as Spencer James and Cody Christian as Asher Adams -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- © 2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

"Victory Lap" is all about the season's biggest celebrations and Jordan and Layla's wedding day has finally arrived. After a season of being engaged and watching this duo undergo conflicts and triumphs in their individual development and growth as a couple, it is time to walk down the aisle and make it official.

Surrounded by their family and friends, Layla and Jordan's big day is not complete without tokens of remembrance of those they loved and lost, such as Laura's gift to Layla featuring Layla's mother's diamonds, or Olivia's gift to Jordan being his wedding shirt with Billy's number embroidered on the sleeve.

However, for as much build-up as there was to Jordan and Layla's wedding, the actual execution is actually fairly simple, and the party spends more time focusing on everyone else. Spencer, Olivia, and Asher all get the chance to speak about Layla and Jordan's love story, but All American decides against showing the wedding vows. Jordan and Layla are happily introduced to the crowd, but their first dance as husband and wife is skipped in favor of setting up Coop and Patience's short-lived conflict.

Jordan and Layla's story is significant, and their wedding does a beautiful job of closing one chapter of their relationship to start the next as they continue life as a married couple.

However, Layla and Jordan are not the only ones celebrating a massive achievement in "Victory Lap," as this episode also focuses on the future of Spencer's career.

"Victory Lap" does not waste time explaining what happened to Spencer's NFL prospects as he is quickly shown that a recording of his frustration with the NFL's way of questioning the players at the combine is poking at them far too hard. Spencer's comments resulted in him being left out of the first day of the NFL Draft. But there is a bit of a plot hole here, too.

The NFL Draft is a three-day event. In a previous episode, Spencer even refers to Jordan and Layla's wedding day as the second day of the NFL Draft. So, how did Spencer jump from not being a top-ten pick to believing he would not be drafted at all? Why was All American treating the NFL Draft like it was only one night?

While it was important to show that Spencer was starting to make plans surrounding what his next steps toward the NFL could be, he ultimately does not need a back-up plan. Finally, Spencer's dream comes to fruition when he answers a call that reveals he is being drafted to play for the New York Bobcats.

To have this moment occur during the wedding could be taken one of two ways. It is either an exciting celebration to have one more thing for this group to get excited about, or it could be shown as undermining the wedding when Spencer could have just been drafted previously without the need for the extra drama.

Was there really a need to turn Spencer's turn at the NFL Draft into a big controversy? Why couldn't he have celebrated being a top ten draft pick like eveyrone predicted he would be? Why did All American have to throw one more hurdle in his way when he was just going to end up drafted anyway? There was an entire episode devoted to the NFL Draft, and waiting an extra episode just to have Spencer's future revealed in the middle of Layla and Jordan's wedding was not entirely necessary when his future could have already been locked in during the previous episode.

Considering Spencer never actually interacts with the NFL after hearing about the reason as to why he was not chosen on the first day, and it really was a waiting game for him, it ultimately felt cruel to Spencer to have his moment in the spotlight stolen from him during "Draft Day."

But, beyond anything else, "Victory Lap" feels like a season finale, even though there are still two episodes left. Spencer's draft is immediately followed by a ten-month time jump, showing Spencer successfully win the Super Bowl. But, why stop there? Following his victory, Spencer makes the most of the greatest things in his life, and proposes to Olivia, which finds them engaged as the episode comes to a close.

The ten-month time jump skips plenty of interesting storylines for Spencer, such as him bonding with his new teammates or finding his rhythm among the professionals. While it may feel a bit rushed to skip so much, with season six coming to a close soon, All American needed to make a move to advance Spencer's story.

Olivia's book also got an update, revealing it to be highly successful, and explaining that there will be an upcoming television adaptation.

"Victory Lap" could have worked as a season finale, as it highlighted the season's biggest aspects, including showing Coop's continued success in law school and Patience going on Broadway. But, with two episodes left in season six, there is still time to give closure to loose ends in preparation for however the season needs to set up what comes next.

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