All American: Are Spencer's NFL Dreams Lost?

All American -- "Lose Yourself"-- Image Number: ALA104a_0253b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Daniel Ezra as Spencer and Hunter Clowdus as J.J. -- Photo: Jesse Giddings/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "Lose Yourself"-- Image Number: ALA104a_0253b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Daniel Ezra as Spencer and Hunter Clowdus as J.J. -- Photo: Jesse Giddings/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

Since the beginning, All American made it clear that Spencer's goal was to one day join the NFL as a professional football player. Everything in the series has led up to this moment, and as "Draft Day" approaches, the dream is finally within reach. But, is it?

Spencer spends "Draft Day" arguing with the NFL process of Draft Day events the entire time. This is not shocking behavior for Spencer, who likes to do things his way rather than follow the rules. Spencer's dislike of having to be involved in the spectacle of the event was also seen at the combine.

In this case, a Draft Day event conflicts with Olivia's book release, and rather than go to another event that could influence his career, Spencer chooses to support Olivia, a choice that results in a desperate attempt to show Spencer in a good light to the NFL.

Spencer initially finds the extra need and concerns to be uneccessary, viewing himself as a perfect top five candidate for the St. Louis team. It is expected that they will draft him, so why should he be concerned. Except, his agent's worries may have come from information he knew that Spencer was not privy to.

When the Draft finally arrives, Spencer is not in the top five, or ten, or even drafted on the first day, even though he is known as perhaps the best player available to draft. Spencer's agent does not seem entirely surprised by this turn of events, and the big question surrounds what is going on that has resulted in every team passing on Spencer.

Spencer's numbers might speak for themselves, but what is going on behind the scenes that has caused him to be so left out? Even the announcers are shocked that Spencer has been passed over repeatedly. Are there rumors about Spencer going around? Did someone hurt his reputation somehow? Did Spencer's actions or behavior alienate teams? It seemed that Spencer, during the second half of the combine, had stepped up to be in favor with plenty of teams.

Spencer's football journey, for the most part, has showcased his natural talent, and even though the first day of the draft has ended with Spencer's future still in limbo, that does not mean that a team will not take him. But, it does raise plenty of questions about why he was not taken early, or on the first day at all.

Spencer's football dreams are not the only ones taking an unexpected turn. With Coach Mr. Montes moving on from Coastal California, Asher is left to try and prove himself to the new replacement coach. But, rather than embrace Asher's intelligence of the sport and the team, Asher's binder of ideas are thrown in the trash, leaving Asher to understand exactly how the new coach values him.

Asher's journey to becoming a coach has been an important one, and it will not end here, with him fighting to join a staff that does not respect him. Instead, Asher knows his worth, and where he can step up. Asher's call to Coach Mrs. Montes shows her to recognize his growth and reveals that Asher will return to Beverly Hills High School to work alongside his previous coach.

Of course, as All American heads towards its upcoming wedding, Jordan and Layla have a few final details to work out before they walk down the aisle, such as the choreography of their first dance as husband and wife, the seating chart, Jordan's choice for Best Man, and ultimately, what does their future look like beyond the wedding?

The question of who Jordan will choose between Asher, his life-long best friend, and Spencer, who has become like a brother to him, is a big quandry for Jordan to find himself in. He loves both of his friends, but which one does he want to stand beside him?

Jordan's attempts to figure out where Spencer and Asher each are in their lives, as if that will help him answer the question for itself, is not so easy. But, eventually, the answer to Jordan's problem comes to him organically, as he discusses his concerns about his future with Layla after their wedding with Asher.

Due to being in Jordan's life since childhood, Asher can draw on memories of Jordan's childhood crush on Layla during their middle school years to remind Jordan of his certainty about Layla, and they can even joke about Asher's previous romance with Layla. Asher's confidence that Layla and Jordan will figure it out, and Asher's certainty in Jordan, solidifies Jordan's decision to make Asher his Best Man.

It is a beautiful friendship moment between Jordan and Asher that have not come as often in recent seasons, and it was great that as much as All American highlights the growth, development, and brotherhood that Jordan has with Spencer, Jordan also shares those things with Asher.

As is expected, "Draft Day" allows Layla to confront Jordan's list of questions about their future, including their mutual want to have kids one day and an interest in finding themselves a new home that Layla already has an eye on.

But, this episode on showcasing the growth and expansion of everyone's future would not be complete without portraying Olivia's realization that she needs to focus on her book's true audience, the children.

As the show heads towards the season six finale, closure and resolutions are beginning to become clear for many of the show's main characters, and it will be exciting to see how the season officially closes out, and what that means for season seven.

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