A+C Studios created the best Bluey X The Simpsons crossover you got to see!

Whoever thought that we needed Bluey blending in with The Simpsons universe?
Bluey ©2024 Disney Studios
Bluey ©2024 Disney Studios /

Bluey and The Simpsons have "unofficially" come together in an adorable mashup that brought the best of both animated worlds of The Heelers residing in Brisbane, Australia, and The Simpson family living in any state American town of Springfield. Both families are part of the pop culture phenomenon, and although Bluey's reign hasn't been as long as The Simpsons, the series was an immediate entrance.

Bluey's storyline aesthetics delicately handle tough-to-discuss subjects like miscarriages, infertility, and early childhood growing pains while keeping it safe for younger viewers. Adults additionally love Bluey for nostalgia, as several references are from the 1980s and the parenting techniques given by Bandit and Chilli Heeler.

A+C Studios created the perfect Bluey x The Simpsons crossover

Your wish has been granted to those wanting the ultimate Bluey x The Simpsons crossover. The BBC Studios and Ludo Studios contacted the UK animation company A+C Studios to craft a one-of-a-kind mashup using Bluey playset figures and stop animation. The end result is nothing short of spectacular, as the Bluey and iconic The Simpsons themes have been incorporated, creating a unique tune.

The Heeler family has been dropped in Springfield, hatching Easter Eggs from both productions, including the Couch Gag and chalkboard writing.

In many of the Bluey episodes, eagle-eyed The Simpsons fans can spot many of the show's jokes but watered down for the kids' viewing safety. In The Sign, the longest Bluey episode ever, Chilli subtly references Homer's teenage drinking with her own memory. To kids, the joke went over their heads, but for us long-time Simpsons fans, we totally got it.

A+C Studios was excited about putting their project to life and for fans who can't get enough of both families. Per A+C Studios' website statement, the mashup creators explained their process and imagined the Heelers in Springfield.

"We were delighted to be commissioned by BBC Studios to unleash our creativity and imagine what may happen if Bluey and the Heeler’s lived in Springfield. The team grabbed some of the Bluey characters, designed some beautifully recognisable backgrounds, and crafted this wonderful stop-motion mashup of two of the world’s favourite families. We even managed to dust off the melodica to recreate the theme tune.

Just remember to not cheat on the obstacle course!"

Bluey then revealed the completed piece on their Instagram page, tagging A+C Studios for their collaboration. The one-minute clip's title is "Wacka-D'oh," a clever combination of Chilli's and Homer's catchphrases.

Watch the clip below!

In early July, Disney+ and Disney Jr. will release new Bluey minisodes following their June 16th launch on Australia's iView Network.

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