Headed to an international Eras Tour show? Try out Memrise!

Kickoff Your Bilingual Era with Taylor Swift Lessons on Memrise. Image Credit to Memrise.
Kickoff Your Bilingual Era with Taylor Swift Lessons on Memrise. Image Credit to Memrise. /

2024 is going to be another banger year for Taylor Swift and her fans. Some will be traveling for the Eras Tour which is where Memrise comes in.

The language app is here to help you break the barrier between being just a Swiftie and taking it to the next level. Let’s be real: Taylor Swift does every night and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be stopping anytime soon.

What makes Memrise special is that there are specific lessons focused on Taylor Swift and the Eras Tour. I feel like Taylor Swift is such a massive star that there’s no way someone won’t get something out of this.

Either way, this idea was just so cute and fun to not share. Even if you’re not traveling, you can still get something out of this as there are different languages you can learn along with lessons for those who are looking to learn English before Taylor stops by their city.

Use Memrise to be ready for Taylor Swift’s Era Tour stops in 2024.

Kickoff Your Bilingual Era with Taylor Swift Lessons on Memrise. Image Courtesy of Memrise. /

Before getting into the Taylor-focused lessons, you can also use Memrise to learn to communicate before you go to another country for the Eras Tour. It’s the least you can do if you’re traveling that far to see the superstar. If anything, it will make you feel more comfortable before you start jet-setting.

Aside from that, Memrise added lessons focused on specific songs for all of Taylor’s different eras. Some of the songs included are “Cruel Summer,” “Love Story, “Shake It Off” and “Anti-Hero.” The app picked some pretty amazing songs so I don’t think you can go wrong in at least trying it out.

For languages, you have a few different options including French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish among many more. While the focus of these lessons is on Taylor Swift and her songs, it’s a great way to pick up and learn words which is the key. Plus like I said, Memrise has tons of other lessons you can try out once you’ve mastered your favorite hits.

If I was able to and could travel to see the Eras Tour, I know I’d be looking to Memrise. I think the app is really changing the conversation around learning a new language which is desperately needed.

What do you think, my fellow Swifties? Will you be giving Memrise a try before traveling to see Taylor?

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