Check Out Starburst’s New Pink Passion Protection Program

Image courtesy Starburst
Image courtesy Starburst /

Starburst is doing more than being fun Halloween candy this year. As people prepare for holiday shopping, Starburst will be helping out with the “Pink Passion Protection Program!”

The brand has planned an initiative to place extra “fun money” in fans’ pockets that will allow them to invest in their passions while they spend money on loved ones.

Through Sunday, December 31st, one hundred fans can enter to win $312 by sharing their hobbies and interests at

If you win, you will receive your stipend through a downloadable STARBURST Card from BambuMeta onto your smartphone wallet.

Ro Cheng, Marketing Director at Mars Wrigley states,

"“Our goal is always to inspire moments of everyday happiness. We understand that there’s more demand on our wallets during the holiday season – but pursuing our passions often brings the most joy. So, with the STARBURST ‘Pink Passion Protection Program,’ we’re hoping we can help bring some fun and creativity back into the lives of 100 lucky people.”"

Regardless of whether your passion is music, books, games, or crafts, Starburst’s Pink Passion Protection Program wants to encourage fans to do everything and anything that they are passionate about.

Why should you enter? On average, people spend $312 more on gifts for others, such as friends and family, than on things and experiences for themselves.

If you win, not only will you have the opportunity to spend money on those you love, but you will have some extra cash to spend money on yourself and the things you love to do, that maybe ordinarily, you would not normally spend.

Take a chance on yourself and your passions without putting an end to buying gifts for others. Starburst’s Pink Passion Protection Program is an encouragement to work on your passions or maybe even take the opportunity to take that first step toward a new one.

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