Bradley Jackson Makes A Stunning Exit From UBA

The Morning Show season 3
The Morning Show season 3 /

UBA is in nothing but trouble as season three’s penultimate episode, “Update Your Priors,” made sure to bring the heat for Bradley, Alex, and Cory. Bradley may be facing the most problems at the moment, as a confrontation with Paul Marks has him reveal directly what type of person he really is and how far he is willing to go.

Bradley has struggled all season with Hal’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection and her role in protecting him by deleting and sabotaging the footage of Hal being present in Washington, D.C., and attacking a police officer. For the most part, that secret has remained between Bradley, Hal, and Cory, who helped cover it up and lied to the FBI.

But, Laura’s discovery of their secret in the previous episode comes to a head when Laura directly confronts Bradley about her role in protecting Hal. Laura’s horror and devastation are evident as she grieves the relationship she and Bradley could have had while struggling with her own internal moral compass about whether she should come forward with the information she has.

Ultimately, Laura’s decision has her determined not to release the information to the public, but it also involves removing Bradley from her life. Bradley does not seem particularly concerned with Laura having read through the released messages from UBA’s hack to gain this information, far more preoccupied with the emotional ramifications of trying to figure out how to work this out with Laura.

But, unfortunately, Laura is not the only one who knows Bradley’s troubling secret. Paul Marks also knows the truth and blackmails Bradley to try and stop her from looking into Hyperion and the bad press that would inevitably follow Paul from whatever Bradley was able to discover.

Between knowing that Paul is directly threatening her and Laura, among others, Bradley steps down from being the anchor on the Evening News and UBA altogether on live television. Bradley’s unexpected exit is met with shock by many as everyone scrambles to figure out what just happened.

“Update Your Priors” is not a good episode for Bradley Jackson, who undergoes personal and professional fallout, conflicts, and questions surrounding what her next move will be. But she is not the only one facing repercussions.

Alex’s decision to join Paul Marks’ thoughts to strip UBA for parts and start over is discovered by Cory, who realizes the negatives of partnering with Paul. Although Cory wants to call off the deal before it can become official, a new piece of news stops him in his tracks.

Cory’s feelings for Bradley had been in the background of the series, with Stella having referenced that Cory stuck close to Bradley when she initially arrived at UBA. However, Stella had also specified that nothing had ever come of that relationship. Yet, Cory’s day is blown up by a news article stating that Cory had groomed Bradley and that he had been responsible for outing Bradley and Laura.

As Cory is being told he will be escorted from the building following the article, it really does seem that UBA is crumbling at every turn.

The only person who may come out of this in decent sorts at this point is Alex. But even Alex’s current high of joining Paul against UBA could come crashing down any second. Alex has been questioned about how well she truly knows Paul, and although she claims to know him well, what would Alex say about Paul blackmailing Bradley?

Alex states she is bringing many of UBA’s employees with her, but will they want to work under Paul Marks? Bradley’s research suggests that many of Hyperion’s employees have spoken negatively about Paul’s management.

“Update Your Priors” has every ingredient it needs to not only be an explosive episode in its own right, which it was, but to also prepare audiences for a potentially volatile season finale.

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