The Morning Show: Is Alex Levy This Week’s News?

The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+
The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+ /

Alex Levy is making headlines on The Morning Show as one of the biggest names in delivering the news has once again become the news. “DNF” mixes the horror and anguish following the overturn of Roe V. Wade with the scandal that followed the revelation that Alex and Paul Marks are in a romantic relationship.

While Alex Levy faces various repercussions for being in a relationship with Paul, he encounters no scrutiny for his behavior. As much as Alex wants to focus on the attack on women’s rights that the United States of America is now facing due to Roe V. Wade’s overturn, the public can not help but continue to put Alex herself in the spotlight.

As much as Alex repeats that she is not the news, “DNF” breaks up the two storylines with different characters.

Alex, of course, faces the ramifications she knew were coming regarding her relationship with Paul. Meanwhile, Chris must deal with the aftermath of how her social media post, “Abort the Court,” resulted in a mixed reaction of excited fans in agreement, some even going over the top in ways Chris had not anticipated, while others threatened her life and throw things at her at work.

Alex can not catch a break in “DNF.” But, things come to a head on Alex Unfiltered when an interview with a writer who had predicted the overturn in 2016 results in turning the tables on Alex, UBA, and Paul Marks.

Alex clearly wants to keep the interview focused on women’s rights. She has no interest in being a distraction from the news itself. But, as the writer clearly counters, Alex is part of the news anyway. Alex and Chip are both stunned when the interview’s turn goes on to discuss the issues surrounding billionaires, such as Paul Marks, and the impact that billionaires have on buying out news and media sources can influence the stories that are told and what counts as news to the public.

Once again dancing on a dangerous line, Alex must face the harsh blowback being sent her way while Paul spends most of the episode in Texas, separated from her and unable to help in creating a way to deal with the public together.

When Paul does return, he does so with an option that could transform UBA into everything Alex ever wanted. But is she willing to tear down everything it is to get there? Paul does not seem to have an issue with it. He is thinking about it in terms of money, not legacy or emotional attachment, which is what Alex likely has toward the company.

Granted, Alex has not been happy there for a while, and her argument with Cory earlier in “DNF,” where he called her out and reminded her of the unfortunate suggestion that anything she or Paul do in regard to the company in the future will be scrutinized because of their relationship, had not made things better.

Alex even claims that she has no one there anymore, especially following her firing of Chip. Chip had been Alex’s most loyal friend since the show’s beginning. He had been her constant for years, practically reading her mind and helping her through scandal after scandal.

But, when he is unable to help her get through the interview, and the tension between them that began with Paul entering the picture blows up, Alex fires him.

Alex siding with Paul’s idea of a brand new UBA has the potential to isolate her further from everyone than she already is. But is it also preparing for some new serious issues with Bradley?

At Stella’s request, Bradley looks further into Stella’s old friend Kate, who has information on Paul and Hyperion.

Bradley’s story would take her into investigating Paul, which could ultimately hurt the deal that is currently in progress. What will Bradley uncover that will likely show Paul in a negative light? Bradley has a lot on her plate right now, and she does not even know how her life may have begun to unravel.

Unfortunately, Bradley and Cory’s longtime secret has just been discovered. But will the discovery end Bradley and Laura’s relationship?

Laura’s uncertainty surrounding Bradley spending the day with Cory and Cory’s mother has her questioning the true nature of Bradley and Cory’s relationship and history. Were they together in the past, and Bradley had not told her?

However curious as Laura may have been and influenced that Bradley would not be truthful if the question were to come up, Laura’s next act may have been a step too far.

The hack and leak of UBA’s emails and messages earlier in the season come back around full circle in “DNF,” with Laura being given the keys to looking into Bradley’s private messages. Laura does not need to steal Bradley’s phone in order to know the messages she has been sending.

For one thing, Laura looking into Bradley’s messages is a massive invasion of privacy. Laura was not looking at messages with Bradley’s consent but was spying on her conversations. Laura certainly uncovers the truth that Bradley and Cory have been hiding, which makes her decide against visiting Bradley.

But, even if Laura decides she can get over Bradley and Cory’s willing hiding and destroying evidence, there is still the matter of whether the trust in their relationship has been broken for good. Bradley committed a felony, which Laura likely has feelings about. But, at this point, Bradley is completely unaware of how Laura would have come across such information.

Bradley and Laura’s relationship has always had its ups and downs, but it will be up for debate if and how the duo can move forward from this.

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