The Morning Show: “Strict Scrutiny” Prepares For An Expolosive Finale

The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+
The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+ /

“Strict Scrutiny” may not be the most exciting or massive episode on its own, but it does plant the seeds for bigger things to come as season three starts to reach its final episodes.

For one thing, The Morning Show continues its use of real-world events by tackling the leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. “Strict Scrutiny” does not waste any time in calling out the decision, directly referencing the horrifying results of what that will mean for women across the country.

Alex and Chris are quick to list the repercussions of this, such as women dying, coat hangers and dark alleys, being forced to carry the child of an assailant, and doctors being sued for trying to save lives, among many more. Chris makes her stance on the subject loud and clear on social media.

As for the events of the lives of the show’s characters, it is a fairly calm episode that spends more time laying foundations than it does creating new drama.

Alex and Paul’s romance may be far more short-lived in secrecy than they anticipated when they discover that there is a picture of them that clearly shows them acting as a couple. It is unclear how the photo was taken or who was responsible for it. Still, it is certainly bad for publicity to have it be out there that another scandal is following UBA.

Alex has already had enough trouble with the public and UBA. Meanwhile, Paul sleeping with someone he is about to be the boss of is not a great look for him either. Their options boil down to two things, and neither is particularly great.

They could come out as a couple honestly and give a statement that they are consenting adults. However, between the board at UBA and public opinion, going that direction may as well be opening Pandora’s Box. There is no way to know exactly how people would respond to it, but the likelihood of it being bad is far too high.

The other option revolves around paying off the source, buying the picture, and keeping it for themselves. But that is not a winning idea either, especially if anyone were to find out. When Paul starts suggesting he buys the company to avoid the picture getting leaked, he needs to be reminded of how that will make him look.

Rather than seemingly calling the relationship off when it seems like it will be nothing other than doomed anyway, they continue being together in secret, not knowing that Chip has accidentally stumbled upon them.

Chip’s knowledge of Alex and Paul’s relationship could either lead him to protect them or be the beginning of the end.

Can Alex and Paul get away with a secret romance? Especially if other people know and plan to release a photograph. Or, will their relationship make new headlines for UBA, which places the financially dying network under more scrutiny?

Otherwise, “Strict Scrutiny” offers more bonding time to Bradley and Cory and teases an uncertain future for Stella as she reveals Paul’s job offer to Cory.

“Strict Scrutiny” is more of a set-up episode than an action-packed execution hour. But, although it is not the most exciting episode of the season, it does set up what to expect from the final episodes of season three.

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