The Morning Show Takes Us Back To The Height Of The Pandemic

The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+
The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+ /

When The Morning Show kicked off its season three premiere by jumping two years into the future, it suggested the series would be moving past the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on events in 2022. Immediately following the height of the pandemic, plenty of other shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, heavily included the pandemic in their seasons to address the world crisis.

The Morning Show had referenced the pandemic in season two, especially in its finale. But, the show’s decision to move away from it in season three allowed the audience to breathe. No one had to sit through another season delivering the same hard-to-watch moments in recent history that surrounded quarantining, constant mask-wearing, and social distancing.

“Love Island” finally breaks season three’s streak of moving forward in a bubble flashback episode that takes the show back to March 2020 to explain how Bradley ended up on the evening news, the mysterious secret shared by Bradley and Cory, and how Bradley’s relationship with Laura had unraveled.

The flashback episode hits plenty of the biggest news moments from 2020, starting with the COVID-19 pandemic, the protests that came after George Floyd’s murder, the wildfires, and eventually reaching the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

The pandemic acts as a catalyst for Bradley and Laura’s growing issues as a couple. While they both believe in wearing masks, Bradley is more than aware that her family does not follow those same values. Laura being quick to judge Bradley’s family for refusing to wear masks brings out Bradley’s protective side over them.

Bradley’s issues with her family have always been a big point of her past. However, it also brings up a brief debate surrounding backgrounds. The lifestyle that Laura is judging is a part of Bradley, even if she does not agree or stand for everything that those around her growing up believe.

Although the duo start strong quarantining together in Montana away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, the tragedy and mental and emotional strain of the pandemic eventually starts to get to them.

Bradley is especially devastated by her mother’s death and the knowledge that not only was she not there when her mother was sick, but due to travel restrictions and fears of getting sick, she could not get out to her.

Laura and Bradley’s relationship comes to an end with Bradley leaving their bubble in Montana, declaring that now is not the time for them.

In 2022, Bradley and Laura’s dynamic is slightly awkward and tentative, but it never feels as if things between them were truly over. But could the truth surrounding Bradley’s big secret be too much for Laura to get behind if or when she finds out?

The drama following Bradley and Cory finally comes to light in “Love Island” as well. Bradley’s time in Washington D.C. resulted in her capturing her brother Hal on camera, assaulting a police officer on January 6th amid the violence and chaos.

Bradley’s determination to protect her brother has her delete the footage of his involvement. The footage she does hand over allows her to ask and receive the position as the anchor for the evening news.

But of course, it can not end there. The FBI issued a subpoena for the footage, which led Bradley to ask Cory not to hand over everything she had filmed because not only would the FBI realize what Bradley had done, but it would have gotten Hal in further trouble.

Bradley and Cory’s dynamic has been a point of growing tension and drama, especially since Cory had outed Bradley and confessed his love for her in season two. However, due to their mutual agreement to hide the actual footage from the FBI, they are trapped in a massive secret together.

Several times throughout season three, there have been hints that Bradley and Cory have been in on something secret together. But will it come to a head now that The Morning Show has revealed to the audience what it is?

It is unlikely The Morning Show, which thrives on drama and chaos, would allow two of its main characters to walk into the sunset, never addressing such a massive choice that could put UBA in more danger, especially as one of the themes of season three follows UBA’s financial struggles.

The Morning Show’s decision to offer an entire flashback episode rather than just discuss the events in the show’s present-day of 2022 allows for Reese Witherspoon to deliver a full emotionally-driven performance, watching Bradley undergo the emotional struggles of her year and explain how she ended up where she is.

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