Why Is The Morning Show Season 3 Separating Alex And Bradley?

The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+
The Morning Show season 3 on Apple TV+ /

Alex and Bradley have not won any awards for their decisions lately, but “The Stanford Student” truly provides just how in trouble each of them is or will be.

“The Stanford Student” is a playground for bad choices, and Alex’s may be the most troubling of all. The Morning Show began discussing sexual harassment scandals following Alex’s co-anchor Mitch Kessler. She had a front-row seat and was even under speculation herself for the fallout of what happened.

Alex had only just gotten back on top, being looked at as a positive figure in the public eye, and in a matter of moments, had risked it all. Alex’s chemistry with Paul Marks, the new buyer of UBA, has been clear since early on. But, to actually follow through with it will only cause trouble.

Alex has made it clear that she wants a seat at the table to discuss the overwhelming financial trouble that UBA has found itself in, along with creative and news-related decisions considering her long-time loyalty and connection to the network. But how will sleeping with Paul affect her moving forward?

Even though The Morning Show suggests that Alex and Paul’s night together is mutual and not a matter of dangerous manipulation, there is still a clear conflict that Alex has now had sex with her boss.

Considering everything that Alex has gone through up until this point, especially following sex scandals in the workplace, going in this direction does not make much sense to do anything other than add conflict.

Bradley is not exactly coming out on top, either, though. Having deleted the footage of Hal’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection is now coming back to haunt her when Hal visits with his girlfriend and their baby.

Hal has mostly caused trouble for Bradley in the past. But, Hal’s decision to come clean about his involvement in assaulting the police officer, rather than waiting for the FBI to track him down, does not just mean trouble for him.

Bradley will also face the fallout of Hal’s decision to tell the truth, as will Cory and the rest of UBA. To protect Hal, Bradley committed felonies, which would land her in substantial trouble. Bradley spends “The Stanford Student” trying to convince Hal to not go through with his plan, which would inevitably destroy Hal’s life but Bradley’s and Hal’s family’s as well.

Bradley tries to take her point even further, using an interview with a prisoner from the insurrection to try and convince Hal about what he would be signing up for if he moves forward with telling the truth.

Bradley’s initial choice to protect Hal is certainly coming back to be a problem, and it will likely not stop, even if Hal has decided against turning himself in.

But, for all of the issues that Bradley and Alex are facing in season 3, “The Stanford Student” only offers them one scene together to have a brief conversation surrounding the conflicts that surround them.

Alex and Bradley have had a lot going on in season three so far, but as far as their relationship goes, The Morning Show has given their dynamic a backseat. Individually, they are each trying to deal with the financial issues at UBA, relationships, and professional drama.

Unfortunately, the excitement and thrill that came from Alex and Bradley’s conflicts that grew into a friendship has been mostly absent from the third season.

While the first two episodes gave them more time to spend together, the following episodes have mostly prevented them from interacting at all.

While “The Stanford Student” seemed to remember their friendship was important enough to offer the duo a scene to themselves, Alex and Bradley are the beating heart of the show. Although they still have interesting plot lines when they are separated, the show always works at its best when the two of them are together.

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