The Sharpton Sisters Sit Down With Amara Skye

Sharpton Sisters with Amara Skye. FOX SOUL Network / The Sharpton Sisters
Sharpton Sisters with Amara Skye. FOX SOUL Network / The Sharpton Sisters /

The Sharpton Sisters continue their journey of talking to the offspring of their famous relatives. In the interview show’s second episode, The Sharpton Sisters talk to Amara Skye, Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, about growing up with a well-known individual. Amara Skye also discusses her career, including her artwork.

Throughout the half-hour show, Dominique Sharpton and Amara Skye recall their time on the reality show, Claim To Fame. In this show, celebrities’ relatives spent time together in a house trying to figure out each other’s identity. It was also where they met for the first time.

When recounting her experience as Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, Amara Skye said,

"“A cool fact about us is that we have the same birthday…So just having someone that is basically a couple generations gap ahead of you but the same person as you, I think that is like I get to see what I could be when I get older…Growing up with her, I feel like it was definitely fun. It had its perks…it was great, but it was also a challenge as well ’cause how can you compete with a GOAT?”"

But, it is not all fun and compliments. The Sharpton Sisters also discuss with Amara Skye the other side of being connected to a celebrity. While to them, they know them as people and as family, to the rest of the world, they are celebrities and public figures that people argue about online.

The three talk about how they handle more negative feedback while remembering that while they know their relatives personally and their stories and understand them better, that is not the case for the rest of the world.

When it comes to her family’s cannabis company, Amara Skye stated,

"“My grandma has been in this game for a while. She has her own company called “Emma and Clyde”…So yeah, Whoopi’s got some things…Ans we got Whoop Fam” which is us and our whole family brand that we have…She’s actually opening a couple dispensaries in Jersey. I think one in Atlantic City and one in Patterson…I’m also hosting a cannabis TV show [Weed Trips].”"

But Amara Skye is also an artist in her own right. When discussing her artistic inspiration, she said,

"“Most of my creativity comes from stories of my vagina. I knew this was coming. Everyone asks me this question…It was kind of a therapeutic thing for me. I was going through a lot of stuff. I was getting into a lot of trouble with men…I kind of based releasing on ‘what is that she’s doing?’ [gestures between her legs*] You know, she’s got a different brain. She want to do things and it gets me in hot trouble. So, then I had to release that and put it into paintings…She definitely gives me most of my inspiration.”"

Whoopi Goldberg even made a special appearance during the show.

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