The Sharpton Sisters: Diving Into The Premiere Of A New Talk Show

The Sharpton Sisters x FOX SOUL. Image courtesy FOX SOUL
The Sharpton Sisters x FOX SOUL. Image courtesy FOX SOUL /

FOX SOUL has a new weekly talk showThe Sharpton Sisters, hosted by Dominique and Ashley Sharpton. To kick off their series premiere, they sat down with their father and civil rights activist, Reverend Al Sharpton, to discuss his new documentary, Loudmouth, executive produced by John Legend.

Reverend Al Sharpton spoke of how the title came to be during the premiere episode of The Sharpton Sisters, saying,

"“The civil rights guys that were great activists, leaders that none of us will compare with…even my immediate mentions…they were all from the South. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. You could not make issues stick in New York. You’re competing with Broadway lights, Times Square, radio city. There’s always something in New York. City that never sleeps. You had to be loud. You had to be different. So I said, ‘yeah, use Loudmouth,’ so I can explain what style I had and have. Because other than that you’d easily be ignored in New York.”"

Throughout the half-hour premiere, Reverand Al Sharpton discusses the Loudmouth documentary and the events of his life that led up to it, such as being an activist and leading marches as a child.

When it comes to his favorite takeaway from Loudmouth, Al Sharpton says,

"“The reaction that I think means the most to me is that people say, ‘I never understood you were doing this all your life’…They found footage of me at twelve, thirteen years old leading marches. And I think from the screenings people realize that I just didn’t start doing this when I became known as “Al Sharpton”. That is the most important thing to me. I am not saying I didn’t make mistakes–I didn’t make mistakes the media tried to put on me–but when you know I’ve been doing this for a long time and when I wasn’t getting any notoriety. You can’t say “he was doing it for the attention.’"

As far as significant scenes to look forward to, he said,

"“It showed some of my boisterous days and I explained how Mrs. King would tell me, ‘watch your language,’ because I would use the N-word or other slang words…things that I saw that was emotional for me, I was surprised at, is that I never had seen the clip they put of my mother talking…Robert De Niro had it as the last show in the Tribeca Film Festival…I never saw it until that night…They also had a scene of me with James Brown…Sitting there at Tribeca, seeing it for the first time had made me wish my mother and James Brown had lived to see this.”"

The series premiere focuses on introducing Dominique and Ashley Sharpton as co-hosts for the show while highlighting their bond with their father. The Sharpton Sisters explore Reverend Al Sharpton’s life as an activist, and in doing so, it helps to hint at the future types of conversations the talk show will feature.

As the season continues, Dominque and Ashley Sharpton will sit down with other celebrity offspring, discussing growing up in the public eye. The Sharpton Sisters will examine the concept of legacy and what it means to experience life growing up with a famous relative.

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New episodes of The Sharpton Sisters are available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PT on FOX SOUL.