Whoopi Goldberg confirms a Sister Act reboot is in the works (and yes, she’s got a cameo)


Whoopi Goldberg has made fans’ dreams come true after confirming that there will be a new Sister Act movie, and of course, she’ll get a cameo.

After 25 years, we’re getting a fresh Sister Act movie. While it won’t be a sequel to the original series, the reboot will feature a cameo appearance by its star, Whoopi Goldberg.

On September 21, Whoopi Goldberg sat down with Good Morning Britain and revealed the exciting news. She explained that after a lot of begging to Disney, it was finally decided that there would be a new installment of the franchise. However, the actress and comedian explained, “So it won’t be Sister Act 3, it will be a brand new rendition of Sister Act. And I guess I’ll walk through a scene, and that’s how they’ll say I was part of it.”

So yes, this reboot will mean a new storyline and new characters to root for. Then again, the world seems like it could use a few humorous nuns right about now.

With so many people expressing their appreciation for the original movies, it makes sense that we all have high hopes for this reboot, even with Whoopi Goldberg only making a brief appearance (although we can also have hope that her part is bigger than she described it).

There are some fans though who’d prefer to see the original cast, and hey, we get it — Whoopi is a classic!

The reboot could follow the original film and/or its sequel’s plot. A nun undercover, needing the protection of the monastery, helping a community in some meaningful way? Classic. But perhaps this Sister Act reboot doesn’t have to rehash the storyline from the first or second movie.

What made the Sister Act movies work was not only the humor of a lounge singer posing as a nun, but also the fact that she was all about building up the community she was in (even if it was shocking and loud to her fellow sisters).

With the news that Sister Act is getting a reboot being so fresh, it will likely be some time before we learn more about the film, including what the plot will be and who will take on the starring role. But at least for now, we know it is finally happening, and that Whoopi Goldberg will be a part of it in some way.

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