Friday Favorites: 5 luxury gifts for the boujee friend on your list

Puffer Hug
Puffer Hug /

Heavy traffic, packed stores, and items being sold out online are all indications that the holiday season is here! It’s now or never to finish shopping for everyone on your list, folks! Need some help? Here at Culturess, we know all about trends, gifts, and everything in between. In this Friday Favorite, we list five of our favorite luxury gifts that are perfect for that boujee friend on your list.

We all have a friend who enjoys the finer things in life. The one who shows up to brunch overdressed and always follows the latest trends. And if you don’t have a friend like this in your circle, that’s because it’s probably you! So whether you are on the hunt for luxury gifts for a friend or for yourself, here are five finds to check out.

5 luxury gifts for the boujee friend on your list

Bring the big dollars for these gifts! They are on the high end of the budget, but the best things always are, don’t you think? We can also say that each of these items are very much worth it. They have been tested out by yours truly as the companies and brands were kind enough to shower me with these gifts. What can I say? Christmas came early for me.

Note: These are in no particular order. 

Eli & Elm Weighted Comforter

Price: Starting at $224 (pillows start at $99.99)
Where to shop:

Okay, I note that these are in no particular order, but I think the Eli & Elm Weighted Comforter is my fave item on this list. And for many reasons. For starters, the quality is incredible (100% cotton). From the texture and feel of the comforter, you can tell Eli & Elm pulled out all the stops for this one! And also, the winter season is the best season to enjoy a weighted comforter. It just so much more relaxing and cozy.

The items description from Eli & Elm, shares that these comforters are made using “thousands of micro glass beads evenly distributed throughout the comforter to achieve the right amount of weight for a calming and relaxing night’s sleep.”

Looking for something cozy, but that is closer to $100? Get the Eli & Elm pillow! If you or a friend are struggling to get a good night’s rest, this could be the answer.

Puffer Hug

Price: Starting at $39.99
Where to shop:

When I first opened the Puffer Hug, I thought “how is this any different from a scarf?,” but it is. What I love the most about this cozy wrap, is the material. They really thought of everything here. One side is a puffer design and the other soft fleece, meaning it helps keep you dry while all you feel is the soft and comfy fleece. Another plus? If your top or leggings are missing pockets, the Puffer Hug has two roomy pockets, one on each side. They have these in kid sizes (and dogs), too!

luxury gifts
The Daily Brightening Moisturizer with Lychee & Cowberry /

Gemini Beauty Daily Brightening Moisturizer

Price: $40
Where to shop:

Colder weather means dry skin, so a good moisturizer is a must-have. Before Gemini Beauty sent a Gemini Beauty Daily Brightening Moisturizer, I didn’t know about the brand, and I’m kinda mad about that. I love how this felt on my skin, applying this once a day (I did mornings) was enough.

The moisturizer is enriched with “Lychee, Cowberry, Satsuma Orange, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn and Mango,” and it does more than moisturize, it also promotes a more even skin tone.

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Price: $366 (drink packs are also available starting at $14.99)
Where to shop:

This it the gift that keeps on giving, whether you get it for yourself or a friend. Now, I have sampled a few “instant drink” machines, and they have not all been great. But I kid you not, The Bartesian is a winner. It makes temperature-perfect drinks in a snap. While the cocktail maker is on the pricier end, keeping up with maintenance and purchasing drink pods is simple and affordable.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Price: Prices vary
Where to shop: for online orders or at your local Sprinkles bakery

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with Sprinkles Cupcakes! Pastry foodies may go back and forth between Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme, but lux foodies know that Sprinkles Cupcakes is where the flavor (and quality) are. Their Holiday Boutique is full of delicious treats and fun, unique flavors. Order now to have this delivered by Christmas!

What will you be gifting a friend (or yourself) this holiday season? 

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