Christine Quinn goes from Selling Sunset to the ultimate makeup and shoe collabs

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset Season 4
Christine Quinn Selling Sunset Season 4 /

Christine Quinn isn’t letting any Selling Sunset drama stop her from being a Queen. And right now, she is the queen of epic collaborations. And considering she is quickly becoming a fashion icon in her own right with her many glamorous Selling Sunset looks, we are even more excited for her newest partnerships.

Not only does the luxury realtor and reality TV star have a collaboration with Shoe Dazzle going right now (just in time for the holidays), but she is also making makeup lovers happy with her very own collection from Ciate London!

Seriously, the holidays came early with both of these amazing collaborations. And we don’t even know which one we are more excited about.

Christine Quinn takes her Selling Sunset glam and brings us two fashion collaborations we can all indulge with

Up first we have to talk about the Christine Quinn x ShoeDazzle collection. This shoe collection features some of the most stunning shoes that we could see Quinn rocking herself (and I don’t just mean in the website photos).

From the Polymnia Embellished Pump to the Marjolaine Heeled Boot, every single shoe or boot in this collection screams Hollywood glam and elegance. And with a variety of styles and even colors to choose from, you could snag multiple shoes and create stunning looks for the holidays and beyond.

The Christine Quinn x ShoeDazzle collection is everything we could ever want from the glamorous reality TV star and so much more. The bonus of it all is the affordability of these shoes.

Next, we must discuss the Ciate London Christine Quinn Ultimate Collection. This is makeup that is iconic on so many levels. From the star herself to the colors and products, this is a must-have collection. And the fact that it includes a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, the perfect complexion brightener, and stunning lip creams all for $99, makes this a must-have this season.

Perhaps the thing that I love the most about the Ciate London collection is the gorgeous artwork on the packaging that elevates everything to a whole new level of beauty.

Maybe it’s because I am a Selling Sunset fan or because I can appreciate a strong, independent woman, but I am obsessed with both of these collaborations. (Of course, it could be the fact that I love makeup and shoes too.)

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But what do you think? Is either of these collections something you have to have? Are you a shoe person or a makeup person? We want to know.