5 Things we want to see in the Selling Sunset spin-off

At the beginning of November, news broke that Selling Sunset was getting another spin-off (after Selling Tampa, which is set to stream in December). And during the Season 4 finale of Selling Sunset, we not only learned more about the spin-off, but we also met some of the realtors who will be bringing luxury real estate and drama to our TVs in the new Selling the OC series.

After another season of multi-million dollar homes and even more drama and fashion, there is something to be said for a spin-off from the same real estate firm – The Oppenheim Group. Not only does it mean possible crossovers, but it gives us things we hope to see!

So after watching all four seasons of Selling Sunset, what do we want to see from Selling the OC?

5 things we hope the Selling Sunset spin-off, Selling the OC gives us in its first season

  • Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa making a cameo – As Heather pointed out when they learned about the new OC office, that is actually where she and her now-husband, Tarek, live. And because that is her area, it would be fun to see her and her HGTV star husband making at least a cameo appearance. (While Variety pointed out that the rumors of Heather leaving Selling Sunset and moving to Selling the OC are not true, it does seem that the realtor is listed on the agent page for the OC branch of The Oppenheim Group, which could mean we see her popping up at least once on the new series.)
  • Chrishell Stause popping in to see her beau, Jason Oppenheim – If you follow any of the Selling Sunset cast on social media, then you probably already know that Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim are dating. And while Season 4 of Selling Sunset didn’t show their romance, we already know that Season 5 will give us these two as a couple. But with Jason being the one taking on the role of expanding the Oppenheim Group into the OC, it would be interesting to see their relationship play out a bit on the new series as well.
  • More drama – I’ll admit that I am just as obsessed with the drama as I am the luxury real estate and fashion when it comes to Selling Sunset. So when Selling the OC starts streaming on Netflix, there needs to be at least some drama to keep us coming back for more (this is still reality TV after all).
  • Seeing a better mix of realtors working together – Don’t get me wrong, I love the ladies of Selling Sunset and of course Jason and Brett Oppenheim, plus Romain Bonnet. But when it comes to the realtors, it doesn’t feel like there is quite the level of diversity we might want to see. And at this point, we know that on Selling the OC we will have at least one male agent in the mix, as he was introduced at the party announcing the new Oppenheim Group office in the Season 4 finale of Selling Sunset. A nice mix of agents will bring its challenges and will likely have us coming back for more.
  • More of Jason Oppenheim – Obviously the Oppenheim brothers are at the heart of the Oppenheim Group, but we don’t see nearly enough of either brother on Selling Sunset. And while it does make sense, the fact that Jason is going to be the man spearheading the new office means that he should play a bigger role in Selling the OC. We want to see the work that goes into building a new office. And we want to see how he works with these new agents, who he hasn’t known for years (at this point).

There are so many things to look forward to in a spin-off of Selling Sunset, but the biggest thing is that this means even more luxury real estate and drama! Bring on Selling the OC!