Mike Flanagan’s reasoning on why there are still no plans for a third Haunting season makes perfect sense

Following the success of Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor on Netflix, it would make sense that we would want to get a third series. But that hasn’t exactly been on the table.

And while Mike Flanagan, the creative mind behind both Haunting seasons, has been busy working on other horror inspired series/shows for Netflix, none of them have been in line with The Haunting anthology.

So why aren’t we getting a third season in this anthology series? According to Entertainment Weekly, it’s not that Flanagan is opposed to working on another season of the series, but rather that it needs to be the right story.

Here’s why Mike Flanagan isn’t giving us another Haunting season (yet)

According to Flanagan, “One of the things that defines the Haunting anthology for me is that both of them so far are about updating and riffing on existing classic literature.” It also seemed to have a theme throughout both stories of what exactly is a ghost. What does it mean to be a ghost? And in some ways, at least in The Haunting of Bly Manor, the answer to that was a ghost is a memory.

Knowing that the entire idea of these shows is about more than giving us thrills, chills, and scares, it makes sense that Mike Flanagan and his creative partners would want to be more selective when it came to creating a third season of this particular anthology series.


If the stars align in such a way that we decide to go back into the Haunting world, it would have to be so much on that track that we’ve set up. It would have to be with the right piece of IP, it would have to be with the right ghost-centric story, and it would have to really fit with Bly and Hill House.

And honestly, this makes perfect sense. We want the best that Flanagan and Netflix have to offer. Plus, the last thing we want is a third season that doesn’t live up to the magic of its predecessors.

The beauty of both The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor was that they each told an individual story that was about more than jump scares and horror. It was about grief and love, being scared, but doing things anyway. Each was a story that took classic horror novels/novellas to a whole new level and gave them a new audience and new fans.

So it makes sense that Mike Flanagan isn’t ready for a third season just yet. Because it would need to be perfect and it would need to be in line with the beauty of what they have already created.

It makes sense to me, but what do you think fellow horror fans? Are you bummed that there hasn’t been a third season of The Haunting anthology announced? Do you have a story you think should be told? Let us know.