Nancy Drew is moving to Friday nights but we have hope for its future

Usually, when a show changes nights, especially to a Friday night, that is a bad sign. And when it is a The CW series like Nancy Drew, it seems like the news of such a schedule move portends even worse.

However, now that The CW has decided to expand their offerings to seven nights a week, maybe a move to Friday nights won’t be a death knell for a series. In fact, some past shows (looking at you Supernatural!) that have switched nights have not only done well but actually brought new life to the network. Som perhaps a Friday night slot won’t be so bad.

One of the reasons we think Nancy Drew could end up doing well on Friday night is not just because there will be seven nights of programming on the network now, but also due to the fact that a supernatural series feels like a perfect fit for that particular night. A slightly darker series airing on a Friday makes a lot of sense. It feels like the kind of show adults would watch to start their weekend.

Nancy Drew is moving to Friday nights and we don’t think that’s the worst news ever

Beyond the whole supernatural aspect of the series, Nancy Drew has been telling some solid stories. It has been building its audience and consistently delivering entertaining mysteries and drama, as well as paranormal storylines that fill a void left behind by the end of Supernatural. In fact, one could easily see Nancy Drew as a spiritual successor to Supernatural, so it makes sense that it would air on a night that once was dedicated to the Winchester brothers.

Of course, another reason that Nancy Drew will survive a move to Friday night is because the fans will make sure that they are still tuning in or streaming on the app and showing the network that they love this show. And while we might not love the move, perhaps it will be the best thing for the series, since it will change the competition that show goes up against.

But what do you think of this move? Are you worried that moving to Friday night is death knell for Nancy Drew? Or do you think the move will actually be a good thing in the end? Tell us in the comments.