4 things that would have made Coming 2 America the perfect sequel

Coming 2 America -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Coming 2 America -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /
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Coming 2 America was almost the perfect sequel.

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Coming 2 America (2021) motion picture.

First off, Coming 2 America is awesome. For a classic movie (Coming to America) dating back to 1988 and have a sequel released 33 years later, it seems virtually impossible to exceed expectations and they did just that. Before comparing this film to the original Coming to America, this sequel stands alone as a fantastic modern-day comedy.

The Amazon Original flick debuted on the platform in March 2021 and appears to be worth every penny Amazon spent to obtain the rights to this film. So when reading this list, know this is just a wish list speaking to how adding four components to this film could have made this the perfect sequel.

4. Providing an update on Lisa’s sister Patrice

At the beginning of Coming 2 America, there’s a throwback photo of the McDowell sisters framed in the Zamunda mansion. However, the movie doesn’t mention what happened to Patrice McDowell, Lisa’s younger sister. Patrice was terrifically played by Allison Dean in the original film and her absence was definitely a bummer in the sequel.

According to IMDb, Dean’s last acting credit (as of this writing) was in a 2007 episode on season 7 of the hit UPN series Girlfriends. Her long absence in Hollywood only adds to fans wanting to see Dean back in the spotlight so that would have been a twofer — making a comeback and doing such in the role she’s best known for.

Patrice is a core character to this story so her not included does leave questions with fans wondering where is Patrice 30 years later, both figuratively and literally. It’s a mystery whether she had decided to live a life of her own in Queens or is living somewhere in Zamunda and getting the royalty treatment as the sister-in-law to Prince Akeem.

The sequel leaves Patrice’s status and whereabouts left to the imagination of fans.