Travel Tuesday: Was Universal’s Beetlejuice Haunted House what guests needed?

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(Photo by Paul Butterfield/Getty Images) /

For two days, Universal’s Beetlejuice Haunted House captivated fans — but could there be more?

Like saying his name three times, Universal Orlando’s Beetlejuice Haunted House appeared and disappeared before anyone realized it. While the full Halloween Horror Nights experience was cast under a COVID spell, for just two days Universal Orlando offered this highly anticipated experience. Could this Beetlejuice experience return?

Earlier in the fall, Universal Orlando opened two haunted houses, Revenge of the Tooth Fairy and Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives. Both of these haunted houses gave guests a taste of that scare craving that they long for each year. Still, people wanted more.

Rumblings started that Universal Orlando was opening a special third haunted house on Halloween and November 1. As signs popped up on the app, many people speculated the final outcome.

For some lucky guests, the entrance over by the ET Ride held a special treat, Universal’s Beetlejuice House. Putting aside the reasoning why or comments on limited availability, this special event was a huge treat for many people. In some ways, it was sense of normal in an otherwise crazy Halloween season.

According to the people who actually experienced the haunted house, it was everything that they could have imagined. While many people enjoyed the Beetlejuice display in the Tribute Store, this haunted house was the experience that people had hoped to see.

While the event was short lived, it does say a lot about Universal and its team. Even though Halloween 2020 was far from normal, there could be some highlights. Universal always knows what scares you and this special experience showed that they were trying to make it better.

Given the excitement over this experience, it begs the question, why aren’t there more Beetlejuice experiences at Universal. Sure, Beetlejuice does character meet and greets periodically, but why couldn’t there be a dark ride with him as the featured character or story. The experience could have people coming back time and again. Given that HHN is incredibly popular, it would make sense that a Beetlejuice experience could be a big hit.

At the same time, the Skeleton Bar and the Tribute Store offered some Beetlejuice inspired treats. Even a special dining event featuring Beetlejuice themed food could be a nice twist. The options for that idea are many.

While the current theme park landscape is struggling, the creative minds at Universal Orlando are always looking to evolve and make the guest experience better. Just maybe a few other special surprises are under the arches.

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