His Dark Materials season 2 trailer teases the great war

Photo: Lin-Manuel Miranda in His Dark Materials.. Courtesy of Alex Bailey/HBO
Photo: Lin-Manuel Miranda in His Dark Materials.. Courtesy of Alex Bailey/HBO /

The second trailer for His Dark Materials season 2 dropped today, and it contains a lot of talk about the great war that’s coming.

The skies are darkening and the world is changing in the second trailer for season two of HBO’s His Dark Materials, so it looks like fans are in for an even more suspenseful journey when the show returns this fall. The television adaptation of Philip Pullman’s book series of the same name left viewers on a cliffhanger at the end of its first season, with Lyra journeying through a gate to another world.

Judging by the footage that’s been released for season two so far, this trip will lead her directly to Will Parry — and the two of them seem to have a larger role to play in this looming war. In fact, their importance is all anyone can talk about in the new teaser.

Check out the new trailer for His Dark Materials here:

The most noteworthy thing about this new footage is the shift in tone, with season two taking a

much darker approach to this magical world. The Magisterium seems prepared to do anything to remain in power — and it looks like they’ll be going after the witches in the upcoming episodes. The clips themselves also suggest a darker take on the cinematography, which will no doubt emphasize the higher stakes. If the series’ heroes don’t succeed, their world could plunge into that very darkness permanently.

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There’s also some talk of the titular knife from the second book in Pullman’s series, The Subtle Knife, which will also play a critical role in the war to come. We won’t get into how, just in case the books are still on your TBR — but it will be exciting to see this object brought to life.

The teaser also gives fans a more specific timeline for the new season, even if we don’t have an exact date. His Dark Materials will return in November — just in time to snuggle up and watch it.

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