The latest Fear the Walking Dead teaser shows what the survivors are up against

Maggie Grace as Althea, Austin Amelio as Dwight - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Maggie Grace as Althea, Austin Amelio as Dwight - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

A new teaser for Fear the Walking Dead season six shows a glimpse of the darkness the survivors are up against now that they’re under Ginny’s control.

At Comic-Con@Home this year, fans were told that season six of Fear the Walking Dead will be different from seasons past — and much darker. The new anthology format of bottle episodes focusing on what happens to individual groups of familiar characters as they try to navigate the unknown are going to be darker than anything the show has brought us before. And based on the trailers and teasers that have been released already, that’s not just talk.

Undead Walking revealed an exclusive teaser that’s arguably the darkest one yet. It shows the new mysterious bounty hunter and several beloved characters in what appear to be some pretty precarious positions. The teaser also has a darker tone than anything that’s been released before. It’s got a Horror/Western feel, which is definitely much different from the usual apocalypse tone of the shows in The Walking Dead universe.

Watch the new teaser for Fear the Walking Dead here:

The overarching tone of The Walking Dead universe shows has always been hopeful, so it’s going to be interesting to see FearTWD dive deep in the opposite direction in season six. The survivors are split up and must figure out what Ginny’s motivation is before they can even attempt to figure out how to find their friends again.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere

Half of season six of FearTWD is finished, so fans will get to watch season 6A beginning on October 11, following the newest TWD Universe show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It was announced by AMC CEO Josh Sapan earlier in August that Fear the Walking Dead is hoping to start production on season 6B in Texas in late August, although that could change based on the conditions in Texas at the time.

Even though there won’t be a season 11 of The Walking Dead this fall, there will be plenty of new TWD Universe content to keep fans going through the holidays. The entire first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is complete, in addition the first eight episodes of FearTWD season six. And The Walking Dead is tentatively set to soon begin filming additional episodes of season 10 that will air in 2021 to keep fans going until The Walking Dead season 11 can be completed.

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