The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead could resume filming soon

Keep hanging in there, TWDFamily. According to an update from AMC, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead could resume filming soon.

It’s been a long time since fans of The Walking Dead universe got any concrete information about when The Walking Dead would begin filming for season 11 or when Fear the Walking Dead would resume filming for season six, but the wait is finally over.

Speaking with Deadline, AMC CEO Josh Sapan revealed that filming for season six of Fear the Walking Dead will resume in Austin, Texas in late August. That’s just a few weeks away.

He also said that filming for The Walking Dead will start in October. Presumably, this won’t be filming for season 11, but will be filming for the additional six episodes of season 10 that were announced at Comic-Con@Home. The filming dates will depend on how the current situation changes and whether or not it’s safe to film. Sapan said:

“Our ability to resume in the safest possible way is something we are closely focused on. We will continue to monitor and adjust accordingly depending on local circumstances.”

So while this is good news, keep in mind that things may change as the health crisis continues to unfold. Cases of COVID-19 are still on the rise in Georgia, which could impact whether or not it’s safe for The Walking Dead to resume filming in October.

Air Dates for The Walking Dead Universe Shows

Because of the unique circumstances of this year, the air dates for all three of The Walking Dead universe shows have been adjusted. At Comic-Con@Home, it was announced that the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead will air on Sunday, October 4 with the series premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond immediately following that. Fear the Walking Dead season six will premiere the following Sunday, October 11.

Fear The Walking Dead has half of season six completed already, so if they go back to filming at the end of August, it’s likely the second half of the season will air in early 2021. That’s also when The Walking Dead’s six new episodes for season 10 are projected to air. The Walking Dead season 11 should begin filming as normal in May of 2021.

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