The Walking Dead season 10 finale air date announced at Comic-Con@Home

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air in the fall along with Fear TWD and the new spinoff World Beyond.

The Walking Dead fans were left hanging at the end of season 10, when the highly anticipated season finale wasn’t able to air. The post-production on the huge episode wasn’t finished before the coronavirus lockdowns began, so the Whisperers arc couldn’t be finished either.

But today at Comic-Con@Home, showrunner Angela Kang announced that The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air on AMC on October 4. The finale episode will air directly before the world premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which will kick of the first season of this new spin-off. An episode of Talking Dead covering both shows will air directly after the World Beyond premiere.

Fear the Walking Dead season six will premiere the week after that on October 11, so The Walking Dead fans will get to plunge themselves back into the apocalypse world in October, which is something that they’re used to.

During a normal year, new episodes of the current season of The Walking Dead would start in early October and run through November, with a break for the holidays before picking up with new episodes in February. Unlike most shows which have been stranded by the current situation, TWD universe has enough content between the three shows to keep new episodes coming fairly regularly after that October premiere.

New Season 10 Episodes

It was also announced that The Walking Dead will air six additional season 10 episodes, presumably using leftover footage to create new episodes. Those new episodes are slated to run in 2021 to keep fans busy while, hopefully, the cast and crew can start production on season 11.

No one is happy that there won’t be a new season of The Walking Dead this year, but there will be plenty of the apocalypse world to explore with half a season of Fear the Walking Dead and a full 10 episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond ready to air.

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