Tuca & Bertie: 4 things we’d like to see in season 2

Tuca and Bertie season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix.
Tuca and Bertie season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix. /
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Tuca’s Journey Through Adulthood

Tuca is the free-spirit, goofy half to Bertie’s responsible, anxious nature. In the show, we get to see Tuca’s fun shenanigans and spontaneity that some aspire to have, but we see that being Tuca isn’t all that easy. To make money, Tuca has various gigs, but her rich Aunt Talula supports her. During a visit to see her aunt, voiced by Jennifer Lewis, she experiences her aunt’s mean, drunken comments — but they have some truth to them. Her aunt talks about Tuca using her for her money and being irresponsible. She makes some terrible comments about her late mother, and this causes Tuca to sever ties with her aunt and live independently.

We also see that Bertie has been Tuca’s mother hen during most of their friendship, especially when Tuca was drinking. During various episodes, Tuca owns up to her lack of responsibility and does little things to get her life together. Toward the end of the season, Tuca does a Marie Kondo-inspired method of cleaning out her clutter and calls her sister to wish her a happy Molten Season (the bird equivalent to Christmas).

Her sister Terry, voiced by Taraji P. Henson, tells Tuca that Aunt Talula is in the hospital. She wasn’t going to let Tuca know because Tuca isn’t good at handling responsibility or family issues. This serves as another wake-up call for Tuca. The season ends with Tuca telling Bertie that she wants to be close to her family, and is considering moving.

So in season 2, is Tuca moving to be close with her family? Does she become more responsible, and will she remain sober when living close to her aunt? Will she still have a strong friendship with Bertie? It’ll be interesting to see how Tuca grows going forward.