Tuca & Bertie: 4 things we’d like to see in season 2

Tuca and Bertie season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix.
Tuca and Bertie season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix. /
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Bertie and Speckle’s Relationship

It’s clear that Bertie and Speckle love each other very much, but the problem with their romance is this: Bertie’s confidence in the relationship is not as strong as Speckle’s. This storyline appears in almost every episode of the first season.

When Bertie has a conflict with men, she’s comfortable confiding in Speckle. In episode 1, when they first move in together, Bertie has trouble sharing her space. When Speckle tries to go forward on buying their first house together, Bertie delays on responding and they lose the offer.

It all becomes too much for Speckle when Bertie travels to The Jelly Lakes after her incident with Pastry Pete. She doesn’t call Speckle and is gone for days. While she’s away, he buys a fixer-upper house to do something for himself, without  Bertie’s permission. The couple makes up and he helps Bertie with SweetBeak, but he did tell her that he needs time to trust her again.

So, in season 2, will Bertie and Speckle be living happily in their new home? Will they have a trusting relationship? Has Bertie standing up to Pastry Pete and facing the ghost from her past helped her open up to Speckle? I hope the couple stays together and Bertie opens up to Speckle. Once the house is finished, we can see if Speckle is the true “bad boy of architecture.”

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