Tuca & Bertie: 4 things we’d like to see in season 2

Tuca and Bertie season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix.
Tuca and Bertie season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix. /
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SweetBeak: A Success or Not?

SweetBeak is the name of the bakery Bertie opens after she quits her apprenticeship with Pastry Pete. She has some difficulty getting started, since Pastry Pete “scone-walls” her, using his name and success to prevent the baking business from working with her.

Bertie stopped working with Pastry Pete because of his inappropriate behavior toward her. When a new apprentice joins Bertie, and Bertie sees the girl experience the same inappropriate touching Pastry Pete exposed her to, it causes her to rethink how she handled the situation. She goes on a journey with Tuca to revisit a trauma in her past, and it gives her the strength to stand up to Pastry Pete and any other man.

Bertie confronts Pastry Pete after she figures out she’s being “scone-walled,” and he becomes quite aggressive. Tuca records the interaction and sends the video live for the whole internet to see. The video goes viral and causes people to support Bertie and purchase her pastries from SweetBeak’s online store. The episode ends with Tuca and Bertie being flown around via Rent-A-Hawk and dropping down pastries to the thousands of orders she received.

So, how SweetBeak is doing? Is Bertie able to hold down her job at Conde Nest and be a part-time baker, or is she now a full-time pâtissier? Will there be other run-ins with Pastry Pete? Will she become as successful or more successful than Pastry Pete? With any luck, season 2 will answer all these burning questions.