Fashion Friday: Jewelry brand Pharaoun is doing good with a stunning cocktail ring

America Cocktail ring. Image Courtesy Pharaoun
America Cocktail ring. Image Courtesy Pharaoun /

If you want to do good, while also staying fashionable, then you need to check out Pharaoun and its latest act of good.

When it comes to jewelry, we often have staple pieces that we wear all the time. In fact, jewelry can be more of a planned purchase than an impulse buy. But, what if you could do good by snagging a cocktail ring? Jewelry brand, Pharaoun, is doing its part to make a difference with the help of their stunning America Cocktail Ring.

For this week’s Fashion Friday, we take a look at how Pharaoun is making a difference in the world with a single cocktail ring. And considering how stunning this piece is, we can’t help but want to do our part. (Seriously, this ring is a statement piece in the very best way!)

In an email about the brand’s latest act of goodwill, we learned that Pharaoun is supporting No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to making sure all children receive healthy meals. With schools closed and many families struggling, there has never been a more important time to support a cause such as this. And, thankfully, we can offer our support and get a bit of fashion to go with that.

As part of their work with No Kid Hungry, Pharaoun is planning to donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sales of its America Cocktail Ring. And if ever there was a more perfect choice for an item to support a good cause, I don’t know what it might be!

Why Pharaoun’s America Cocktail Ring is more than just fashion

According to designer and company founder, Sergio Mendoza, “Life on a normal day is difficult. With the onslaught of COVID-19 and the secondary consequences, we need to work together to move forward. Please help me make a difference.”

Considering this isn’t the first time that Pharaoun has used its beautiful jewelry to support a good cause, we can’t help but think that this will not be the last time they do good in the world.

Honestly, as much as we are obsessed with jewelry and fashion, we are just as obsessed with doing our part to make the world a better place. And if that means supporting a jewelry brand that is helping to feed children in America, then I am all for it.

The fact that the America Cocktail Ring is a stunning piece of fashion certainly helps when it comes to adding it to your collection. Whether you choose silver or gold, this ring will add a much needed pop of sparkle and shine to any look.

You know that you are making more than just a statement with this cocktail ring — you are making a difference.

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What do you think of Pharaoun’s latest act of goodwill? What do you think of the America Cocktail Ring? Would you wear this piece? Tell us what you think in the comments.