Fashion Friday: These cocktail rings are stunning and support wonderful causes

Photo: Pharaoun Cocktail Rings for a Cause assortment
Photo: Pharaoun Cocktail Rings for a Cause assortment /

When it comes to fashionable finds, we all want to add a pop of sparkle. And that’s where cocktail rings come in. But these rings do more than shine, they also support amazing causes.

If there is something we love more than finding stunning pieces of jewelry, it would have to be supporting charity. And when we can find gorgeous pieces of jewelry that actually support a good cause, then it is a win-win situation. Luckily for us, we have found stunning cocktail rings that do just that.

For this week’s Fashion Friday, we are taking a look at some stunning cocktail rings that not only have a story to tell, but that also do good with every purchase.

Have you ever heard of Pharaoun Cocktail Rings? If not, you definitely want this company on your radar. Not only do they make stunning pieces of jewelry that will add sparkle to any look, but they do it while also giving back to a number of causes.

In order to understand the Pharaoun Cocktail Rings story, one must look to Sergio Mendoza, the designer of these stunning pieces. Mendoza lost his wife, Sarah, to breast cancer. And in an effort to honor her memory, while also paying tribute to other powerful and strong women, he decided to create a line of rings that allowed him to showcase strength and beauty. These rings are, “A gentle reminder of a women’s inner warrior, worth and wisdom. Each Pharaoun cocktail ring holds a story.”

And what does Mendoza hope women get from his rings?

“My hope is that each woman falls in love with one of my cocktail rings, not only because of its design, but because it represents a part of them that they love,” the designer said. “Maybe it reflects a part of them that they don’t see often but want to be reminded of. Maybe it is their greatest strength. Maybe it is the person they want to be. The choice is hers.”

With so many beautiful pieces, it feels like there really is something for every woman. And the fact that they also support causes like Southerners on New Ground (a Civil Rights charity), the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), and Kristi House (a Child advocacy group), makes each piece more than just a fashion statement. Not only are these charities close to Mendoza’s heart, but they are a chance for a designer to do good work.

Cocktail Rings
Photo: Pharaoun Cocktail Rings for a Cause assortment /

Don’t get me wrong, I want stunning pieces of jewelry because they add a vibrant pop of sparkle to my wardrobe and the different looks I am trying to achieve. But, I am much more likely to spend my money when I know that the designer creating these pieces is turning around and donating a portion of the money I spent to a worthy cause.

When fashion and style combine with charity, I am all for it and I want to support the people who make this happen. What Pharaoun Cocktail Rings and Sergio Mendoza are doing with their jewelry makes a difference in so many ways.

Not only do we get a piece of jewelry that represents who we are as fashionable women, but it does some good in the world. And it is hard to say no to that.

And honestly, I am in love with so many of these pieces that I wish I could have them all. From the Sea Urchin ring to the We Are Beautiful, these rings are works of art and they are definitely statement pieces. And I am all for making a statement!

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What do you think of not only wearing a statement cocktail ring, but also supporting a cause? Does this make you want to find the perfect ring for you? Tell us what you think in the comments.