Survive, Most Dangerous Game, and 8 other Quibi series we can’t wait to watch

Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in Survive. Image Courtesy Quibi, Janis Pipars
Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in Survive. Image Courtesy Quibi, Janis Pipars /
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Murder House Flip isn’t the only series about home renovation coming to Quibi on launch day, though Flipped is quite different from its murdery counterpart. Bringing Kaitlin Olson and Will Forte together again, Flipped sees a young couple deciding to become home renovation “experts” — only to discover that the house they’re making over is actually full of drug cartel money.

Naturally, this puts them in a pretty dangerous position. When the leader of the cartel shows up and threatens to kill them for stealing the money, however, they come up with a different way to pay him back: They’ll renovate his house. With a ridiculous plot like one, it’s hard to imagine this show not evoking a few laughs from its audience — and we could really use that laughter right now.


It’s hard to imagine Punk’d being rebooted without Ashton Kutcher at the helm, but you know we’ll still be tuning in to see how this revival goes. Now hosted by Chance the Rapper, Punk’d will follow in the footsteps of the original series by having him play pranks on Hollywood stars. One thing Chance the Rapper has going for him is updated technology, which makes it much easier to film people without their knowing — so it’ll be interesting to see how that factors into this series.

Available from launch, the Punk‘d revival is a Quibi series that’s caught the attention of many, if only because of how popular the original series used to be. With everyone needing a good laugh, this could be the perfect time to bring the show back — but we’ll have to watch and find out if it stands the test of time.