Survive, Most Dangerous Game, and 8 other Quibi series we can’t wait to watch

Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in Survive. Image Courtesy Quibi, Janis Pipars
Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in Survive. Image Courtesy Quibi, Janis Pipars /
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When the Streetlights Go On

If you’re more interested in drama series, Quibi has plenty of those to offer as well — starting with When the Streetlights Go On. Set in a small town in 1995, Ben Ahlers’ character, 15-year-old Brad Kirchoff, is enjoying his summer when he stumbles upon something that will change his life forever: the bodies of a young girl and a teacher in the woods.

From there, When the Streetlights Go On will explore how the town’s residents cope with this tragic event. Judging by the trailer, not everyone is taking it so well — and between trying to figure out who’s responsible for the crime and trying to come to terms with the loss, they’re bound to make decisions that will shake things up even more.


#FreeRayShawn is another drama heading to Quibi on launch day, and it follows the titular Ray Shawn, played by Rico E. Anderson, as he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Facing a showdown with the New Orleans SWAT team, he and his family are forced into a difficult situation that only

From watching the trailer, it’s probably safe to say that this series will tackle some relevant topics surrounding race in America — and that alone makes it worth watching. But on top of that, it looks to feature talented actors who will make the story that much more heartwrenching. And that’s the content anyone looking for a new drama series is searching for, isn’t it?