Survive, Most Dangerous Game, and 8 other Quibi series we can’t wait to watch

Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in Survive. Image Courtesy Quibi, Janis Pipars
Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in Survive. Image Courtesy Quibi, Janis Pipars /
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Chrissy’s Court

Chrissy Teigen has been a model, a television star, and an author — and now she’s becoming a judge. In her new series, Chrissy’s Court, she’ll hear cases in small claims court, playing the judge while her mother, Pepper Thai, is the bailiff. The decisions Teigen makes will have legally binding consequences — making the outcomes more interesting than if she were just giving her opinion on the matter.

Given how well known Teigen is, you can bet plenty of Quibi users will make a point to check out this series, if only to figure out just how she became a judge in the first place. You can count us among those viewers. And luckily, this one arrives on the platform on launch day.

I Promise

All of us could use some uplifting content right now, and Quibi’s I Promise will deliver on that while simultaneously shedding light on struggles inner-city kids face regularly. The documentary shows the struggles and successes throughout the first year at LeBron James’ I Promise School.

Judging by the trailer, this documentary will put some much-needed emphasis on how much more our country needs to help these kids, while also showing how the I Promise School has benefited them thus far. While it’s a sobering story, it’s one that’s sure to have moments of light as these kids discover a love of learning. I Promise will be available on Quibi from launch day.

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