Fashion Friday: These beauty Instagram accounts will give you some great tips

There are a lot of beauty Instagram accounts that we can follow to be inspired, but these five deserve a little love as we look for Fashion Friday inspo.

When it comes to beauty Instagram, there are hundreds of accounts dedicated to showing off one’s skills. Plenty of users will share their tips and tricks, offering inspiration with a large variety of looks. And while there are plenty of obvious choices for accounts to follow, sometimes you want a new or fresh perspective.

With so many beauty Instagrammers, it can be hard to narrow down who to follow. And while I could easily come up with at least 50 people to be inspired by, these five beauty Instagram accounts will help inspire you right now.

From makeup to hair and even a bit of vintage style, these five accounts are definitely who I’m following right now. Plus, now is the perfect time to try some new styles and looks to get ready for some summer fun.

Anna Gabriela

If you are looking for some amazing beauty tips and tricks, Anna is a great person to follow. Not only does she share different tools to use and tips for looking your best, but she also tells you exactly what she uses for every one of her looks.

And sometimes, it is the easiest tips and tricks that we love the most. After all, who wouldn’t want to know that you can use a spoon as a beauty tool?

Shae Shukla

Another great beauty Instagram account to follow is Shae Shukla. She shares so many of her looks and even offers up makeup tutorials to help inspire her followers.

So many of Shae’s looks are so stunning that even if you have nowhere to rock this makeup, you’ll want to do it anyway. And these pops of color really are amazing.


I love eye makeup. And anytime I can find a beauty Instagram that seems primarily dedicated to eye looks, I am there.

One account that is giving me life when it comes to stunning eye makeup has to be LatinxGlam, which delivers with every single look posted. I mean, these colors pop and will make you wish you had the guts to wear these looks everywhere. Seriously, they may not be office appropriate, but you’ll wish they were.

Jasmin Love

Jasmin Love is a gorgeous woman and she is an inspiration, even without the fact that she is giving her followers fierce looks. But, of course, it is the fact that she inspires us to want to try so many different looks that has me following her with notifications on. After all, I would hate to miss a single look.

Even her Halloween looks will make you want to break out every bit of makeup you own. And that is definitely an impressive feat.

Vintage Girl

If you’re looking for something a bit different in the world of beauty Instagram, then Vintage Girl is the best choice. Not only do you get some stunning vintage fashion, but she also shows off different hairstyles to try for yourself.

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The bouffant was the bee’s knees in the 60’s! Started at the end of the 50’s, this new look was THE hairstyle of anyone who was “in”. It was worn by women of all ages, & came in all different shapes & sizes…& heights! The saying then was “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” Hair got higher…& higher…& yes, higher! You could see it from an inch or 2 off the head to over 12 inches! Or 24! I can’t make this stuff up! The look was achieved with backcombing & hairspray. In fact, because of the chaotic demand for this coiffure, hairspray became the #1 selling beauty product of the decade. & if you couldn’t afford such a luxury? Women would boil sugar in water, place in a spray bottle, spray on the hair, & once it crystallized it would hold. Hairspray was super thick & kept your style stiff so it wouldn’t move around. In fact, women slept in their bouffants all week. Beauty parlors were busier than ever during this hair revolution. & say hello to straight hair! Curls? Sure. But do you want to look hep & w/ the beat? Head to the beauty parlor & get your hair chemically or heat straightened. Or do it yourself at home with your mother’s clothes iron. Born was another iconic look- the beehive, which was basically gathering the rest of your hair & winding it around the bouffant. But say move over, because by the time 66, 67 rolled around, many wanted something new. Haircuts instead of “styling” became popular, along with the idea of being able to run your fingers through your hair. Something the sticky sixties hadn’t seen! Thus began the all natural phase, & by the time the 70’s showed up? Bye-bye bouffant & beehive. Even Diana Ross & her Supremes traded their iconic bouffants to go au naturale & embrace their African roots with huge Afros. & rather glamorously at that! Long, short, shaggy, wavy. Just so long as women could get away from hairspray! But the fact is, the bouffant remains the # 1 hairstyle of the 1960’s.💙 Song is “I Can’t Help Myself” by 1 of my fav Motown bands, the Four Tops. ☺️ (Also, please forgive the typo in the video, I filmed this 2 years ago and don't have the original video to re-edit😅)

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While makeup might not be at the center of this account, hair is just as important when it comes to completing a look. And often, it seems like we forget this. With Vintage Girl’s Instagram, we are getting stunning looks that are expertly put together from top to bottom.

There are so many options for people to follow when it comes to beauty Instagram. And hopefully these five accounts will help to inspire you to try something new.