Fashion Friday: Robert Graham delivers the ‘60s in a print that has a modern feel

Photo Courtesy Robert Graham
Photo Courtesy Robert Graham /

When it comes to fashion, what’s old is new again. And when talking about trends, it seems that the ‘60s are in, at least with Robert Graham.

Every year it seems like spring is all about floral prints and lots of pastels. And while this is a trend that will likely revive every year, in 2020, Robert Graham is making this print fresh and vibrant with the help of the 1960s. For this week’s Fashion Friday, we look at how this collection makes the ‘60s fresh again, while also giving us bold designs we can’t help but love.

There are a lot of designers out there and yet when it comes to bold prints that scream fashion forward, Robert Graham is definitely in a league of his own. Everything from brightly colored dress shirts to bold dresses are in style when the designer is at work, and this season, that is definitely true. However, that’s not all we are getting as there are also what some might call a more gentle style available as well.

While one might worry that a bold print is almost too much, Robert Graham is able to still keep the looks feminine and flirty. And while this is a designer that can command a large price tag, we are happy to note that this year we can still snag some high-end pieces for prices ranging between $104-$548. Of course, there are also some pieces that are over the $1,000 mark, but we’re covering our eyes with those.

Perhaps my favorite part of this season’s collection is the fact that while we are getting bold floral prints, the designer opted for darker colors. Instead of the typical pastel florals, we are looking at vibrant bursts of color and darker backgrounds that allow the bold looks to pop.

Robert Graham
Photo: Limited Edition Monroe Leather Jacket Courtesy Robert Graham /

And it’s not just the florals that make this spring collection truly amazing. In fact, one of my favorite pieces (and also one of the more expensive ones) happens to be the Monroe Leather Jacket, which is more of a wearable piece of art. We are talking about a more abstract print with blocks of color and eyes. The fact that it is also a moto-style jacket adds the icing on the top of the cake for this piece and makes me wish I had $1,298 to drop on a statement piece for my spring wardrobe.

But even without the leather jacket, there are some stunning additions to this collection that make me think of the 1960s, but with a modern vibe. Each piece offers the chance to make a statement, which is exactly what we want whenever we pick up a designer item for our closet.

I am living for this fresh take on the ‘60s, and these bold patterns are everything we could have hoped for from Robert Graham.

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What do you think of bringing the ‘60s to 2020? Do you love bold prints and colors? Tell us what you think in the comments.