What’s new in March for Xbox Live Gold members?


If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member and you love Batman, you’re in luck for this month’s offerings. Check out what else you have access to in March

Xbox Live Gold Members have their brand new offerings just around the corner for the month of March. February’s offers were solid choices, but nothing super outstanding. Does that bode well for a solid March?

Below are the offerings for February, the systems they’re on, and the dates they’re available to download:

  • Batman: The Enemy Within – The Complete Season (Xbox One, March 1-31)
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Xbox One, March 16 – April 15)
  • Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2 (Xbox One and Xbox 360, March 1-15)
  • Sonic Generations (Xbox One and Xbox 360, March 16-31)

And here’s the official announcement trailer:

It really feels like every other month, we have a Batman offering from Microsoft. This time it’s yet another episodic game, Batman: The Enemy Within. Thankfully it’s the complete season, so you won’t have to wait for the next episode to be released. Fan of the Riddler? That’s great, because he’s back–and not in pog form! Play as both Batman and Bruce Wayne as you take on crime in Gotham, the return of the Riddler, and something even bigger on the horizon.

Feeling a side-scroller of a game? Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is right up your alley. Play through Sequin Land as a mysterious crime spree hits and it’s up to you (as Shantae) to save the day! The game itself is chock full of charm and gorgeous colors. It’s definitely an easy play, nothing terribly complicated, and the reviews are generally positive.

Much like Batman, we seem to get a new Castlevania offering at least once a quarter. Unfortunately this month’s offering is Lord of Shadow 2, which… doesn’t have good reviews. It was a disappointing long-awaited sequel to 2010’s Lord of Shadow, but it feels like a product trying to do too much and overthinking everything along the way.

Regardless, if you’re a casual fan of Castlevania, playing through this one at more of a leisurely pace may not be a bad idea.

Lastly, everyone’s hopping on the Sonic bandwagon! If you’re looking for a healthy dose of the blue hedgehog, Sonic Generations will fill that hole in your heart. It’s a game that thrives on the legacy it’s built–no, literally! You travel back in time and get to interact with old characters and a younger version of Sonic. It almost feels a little too timely…

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Don’t forget you still have access to one of February’s games–Call of Cthulhu–until March 14th.