What’s new in February for Xbox Live Gold members?

Xbox Live Gold members have four brand new games available for free download this month, including a fun Star Wars offering

Xbox Live Gold members always seem to have something to look forward to every month. The new decade started out relatively solid, and we’re always excited to see what the new month’s games will be.

Below are the offerings for February, the systems they’re on, and the dates they’re available to download:

  • TT Isle of Man (Xbox One, February 1-29)
  • Call of Cthulhu (Xbox One, February 16-March 15)
  • Fable Heroes (Xbox One and Xbox 360, February 1-15)
  • Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One and Xbox 360, February 16-29)

Ready? Let’s go!

TT Isle of Man is a motorcycle racing game. It seems as though Microsoft always offers at least one iteration of a racing game each month. There’s nothing necessarily bad about the game; there’s just not too much to do. At the very least, it’s a faithful reproduction of the legendary racing course through the British Isles.

If you’re craving some cosmic horror and madness this month, then Call of Cthulhu is the pick for you. Based on the tabletop RPG, worm your way through the HP Lovecraft universe while investigating a family death on an island where you shouldn’t believe everything you see. Maybe even keep the lights on for this one. At least a nightlight.

Feeling more up for a hack and slash multiplayer? Then take a look at Fable Heroes. Play as any of the twelve heroes and hack your way through the plot and gameplay. It’s a bit of a dated game that doesn’t really add much to the genre, and the bosses get a little repetitive. Certainly it’s more of a mindless game to play, something you want to turn on after a long, crazy day and just melt for a bit.

Lastly, we have Star Wars Battlefront, another Star Wars offering for a second month (though this one isn’t LEGO). This is the original iteration that released in 2004, so you’re only playing through the first six movies (original and prequel). Honestly, it’s probably the best offering this month, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan… or just want to escape from the current fandom warfare for a bit.

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And of course, you still have one of January’s offerings (Batman: The Telltale Series – The Complete Season) available to download until February 15th.

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