Sonic the Hedgehog zooms past expectations and breaks records at the box office

Sonic the Hedgehog might have had a bumpy beginning, but the movie is zooming past fans’ and critics’ expectations at the box office.

Despite having a bumpy beginning during its early design phase, Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog has surpassed the expectations of fans and critics everywhere during its opening weekend. The movie premiered to $100 billion internationally this weekend, also managing to top the North American box office charts with a $57 million opening. It knocked Birds of Prey out of first place, and it beat Sony’s Fantasy Island, which also debuted over President’s Day weekend.

What makes Sonic the Hedgehog‘s success truly exciting is that it’s currently the biggest box-office haul a video game adaptation has seen during its opening weekend in the United States, even passing up Detective Pikachu, which previously held first place. With our favorite blue hedgehog proving video game movies can do so well, it’s possible we’ll see more of our childhood favorites made into blockbuster films. That’s right, the nerds actually are winning.

Sonic the Hedgehog follows the speedy hedgehog we know and love from the popular Saga Genesis games that came out in the ‘90s, which have since been rebooted for a number of systems. Voiced by Ben Schwartz, who played Jean-Ralphio on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Sonic is forced to face off with Jim Carrey’s villain, Dr. Robotnik, all with the help of a policeman played by James Marsden.

Despite a solid cast and fanbase, there were concerns about the movie early on, after the animation in the first trailer left fans shocked and disappointed. After a redesign, however, things began to look up — and the CGI currently in the film hasn’t gotten an outpouring of complaints. In fact, the majority of the film’s early reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and its early box-office success seems to mirror that.

Sonic the Hedgehog is currently playing in theaters. Are you planning to go see it?