Watchmen: Angela is trying to save Dr. Manhattan in this week’s preview

Watchmen -- Regina King, Yahya Abdul-Mateen Mark Hill/HBO
Watchmen -- Regina King, Yahya Abdul-Mateen Mark Hill/HBO /

This week’s Watchmen will likely give us answers to the mystery behind Dr. Manhattan and Angela, but what lengths will she go to to protect him?

Last week’s Watchmen saw the reveal that Cal was, in fact, Dr. Manhattan this entire time, and it seems like the latest episode is going to continue to focus on that reveal. With some episodes, we’ve gotten information that was never revisited again, or at least not right away. But I think they know that, if we don’t learn more about this Dr. Manhattan development, we’ll have some questions too big to ignore.

In the preview for the episode, it seems that Dr. Manhattan came into Angela’s life back during one of the celebrations of Dr. Manhattan, and somehow, the two connected enough for Angela to agree to protect him — even if he does not comprehend the concept of love.

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode of Watchmen here:

What’s interesting about this is that, clearly, the Seventh Kalvary isn’t okay with this new development — probably because they, in their narrow-minded view, saw Dr. Manhattan as a powerful white man who changed himself into a god and wanted to create that same “legacy” for themselves.

Watchmen is doing a great job of taking tropes and storylines from the original graphic novel and adapting them for a new audience, tackling issues that still plague the United States today. So the criticism that the series is “too woke” is truly baffling (and hilarious) because when hasn’t Watchmen been tackling issues in our own history and trying to approach how we view them in a different way?

To see that the Seventh Kalvary is attacking Angela leads me to believe that the news of Dr. Manhattan’s return is going to come out. And it is going to be fun to see how everyone in the world (not just Tulsa) reacts to the fact that their god has been here this entire time.

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