Watchmen season 1 episode 7 review: The Seventh Kalvary’s plans

While Angela is still trying to figure out what Will’s life meant, this week’s Watchmen started to unravel the plans that the Kalvary has — because, apparently, it is hard being a white man in America.

Watchmen often tackles themes relevant to our present-day society despite being an alternate history. This week, though, a hilarious turn of fates turned it into a talk about how “hard” it is for white men in America. Using Senator Joe, the show talked about why the Seventh Kalvary and the police were working together. The reasoning? Restoring balance to America.

The idea was that, essentially, America became too much of a power balance and, according to Joe, balance needed to be restored in favor of the white man. But instead of being himself, his goal was to be “blue”. So, that can’t go wrong, right?

Still, a big chunk of the episode focused on the mystery of Angela’s past. Through her own memories, we saw how her parents died, how she ended up with her grandmother for a brief moment, and how she was in Vietnam, where she eventually met her husband Cal. In fact, we learn all about the tragedy that seems to follow her around despite everything in her life.

From her parents to her grandmother dropping dead before her eyes, Angela seems to have bad luck follow her around everywhere, but she still wants answers to how she became in the custody of Lady Trieu. And, in trying to find Will, she discovers that Will’s memories are being fed into an elephant so that she can begin to regain control of her own mind.

The episode began to show us the answers we’ve been craving — even if Adrian is stuck in his own weird reality where the people he plucked from the water turn against him and a pig says that he’s guilty.

The biggest twist of the episode though? Dr. Manhattan isn’t on Mars. Dr. Manhattan isn’t even blue anymore. He’s in Tulsa, pretending to be human, so that he can blend in despite the fact that many are asking for him.

But the Seventh Kalvary are in on his “hiding,” and that hiding is part of their major plan. They want to capture Dr. Manhattan and become him so that their racist plans can be carried out to the highest degree, and Lady Trieu, in her own words,  is “saving fucking humanity.”

Angela doesn’t ask who he is or how to stop it. Instead, she flees Lady Trieu’s (even though she’s under arrest) and returns home. And she then drops the bombshell that Cal isn’t who we think he is; he’s Dr. Manhattan. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Dr. Manhattan storyline plays out in the show and who is really telling the truth.

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